Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Links Feb 26 15

   Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court Likely to Side With Muslim Woman In Head Scarf Case
Did Abercrombie Discriminate Against Religious Applicant?
Overcriminalization Is a Problem in America
   Nuclear Deals
North Korea Evades More Sanctions While U.S. Pursues Yet More Talks 
The Fatal Flaw in the Iran Deal
Iran: A Bad Deal Is (Much) Worse than No Deal 
   Net Neutrality
Comrades for Net Neutrality 
‘You Morons! You Useful Idiots!’: The Report That Made Glenn Beck Lose
FCC Approves Net Neutrality in Straight Party-Line Vote |
Net Neutrality Debate Now Moves to Courts and Congress
  The Mess
Treasury used unauthorized $3 billion for Obamacare.
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Couldn’t Ban Guns, So He’s Trying to Ban Bullets
Army Targets Medal of Honor Recipient Over Amazon Book Review
King Obama Says He’s Expanded His Authority
Missouri Bill Would Keep Most Police Camera Footage From Public View
Warplanes: Reality Intervenes To Save The A-10 Via Maggie's Farm
Is Islam A Terrorist Religion? 
Don’t Abandon Muslim Dissidents 
Kayla Mueller Is Not Our Helen Of Troy
Mission creep, Scott Sumner |Library of Economics and Liberty
New Coke and the Iraq War | Cato @ Liberty
Does White Identity Mean White Supremacy?
 Jeb Bush Doesn't Seem To Think Much Of Americans 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Current Net Neutrality Push

What it will actually do or not is not relevant. It opens a door that it is all to clear the bureaucrats, irregardless of who is wielding them, will use to take control. This and other fairness doctrine type of plays have been floating around the bureaucracy under this administration from the jump. The last time congress scarred them off.  From March 2011

"The House Commerce Committee is expected to vote soon on a “resolution of disapproval” to void the regulation.
Even if such a resolution is not ultimately adopted—presidential approval is required—the debate will be an important test of Congress’s resolve to protect the Internet from harmful regulation and to assert its role in regulatory policymaking."
The president has now won his last election.  The Republicans seem to be either spineless or on board or maybe not.
As Republicans Concede, F.C.C. Is Expected to Enforce Net Neutrality
"Republicans hoped to pre-empt the F.C.C. vote with legislation, but Senate Democrats insisted on waiting until after Thursday’s F.C.C. vote before even beginning to talk about legislation for an open Internet. Even Mr. Thune, the architect of draft legislation to override the F.C.C., said Democrats had stalled what momentum he could muster."
 Republicans Are NOT Giving Up The Net Neutrality Fight | The Daily Caller
 “Any claims that Republicans have conceded or surrendered to the Obama administration’s power grab of the Internet through FCC action is a mischaracterization of our ongoing efforts.”
Really, motion or plans for motion is not progress. This looks to be a done deal despite some rumbling of discontent in the Democratic ranks. The full consequence of all this is unknowable and will spread. It is all but certain not to be good or at lest helpful. This is standard for the current government. It just isn't helpful or healthy to get to bent out of shape. Add it to the seemingly limitless scroll of things to be fixed latter. There is how ever a republic killing habit that is developing

Congressman Demands FCC Stop Hiding 332-Page Plan to Control the Internet
 "The 332-page final draft FCC order was only delivered to the four other FCC commissioners three weeks ago. When Wheeler delivered the document, he took the unusual step of issuing a “gag order” to prevent its release before the FCC vote."
 FCC Chair Refuses to Testify before Congress ahead of Net Neutrality Vote
 'Two prominent House committee chairs are “deeply disappointed” in Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for refusing to testify before Congress as “the future of the Internet is at stake.”'
Told not to by the people, congress, and the courts they do it any way. They will not show us what exactly they are doing and will not answer questions till its done. Jail time? Nope. The system and the agreement about how it works is broken. The times I think "just let it burn to the ground" are increasing exponentially. An all out revolution is still unworkable and a very bad idea, but it sounds better every day.  

Random Links Feb. 24 15

   Foreign Policy
-How Iran’s Military Chiefs Operate in Iraq
-Obama Wants Neither the American nor Iranian Public Getting in His Way 
-John Kerry Admits Russia Lied About Troops in Ukraine
-Krauthammer: Iran Agreement Makes Ukraine Deal ‘Look Like a Success’
-El-Sisi Calls for Unified Response To Islamic Extremism – While The U.S. and Great Britain Work Against Him…
-‘The Incarnation of Hell…on Planet Earth’: Author Reveals Why Everyone Should Fear the Islamic State and Its ‘Apocalyptic Worldview’
-We ask an expert: Can the U.S. counter China’s long-range designs to dominate us? His response is disturbing.
Report: US Military Power 'Marginal' or 'Weak' in Most Categories
Due To Obama Regulations, Banks Are Now Charging Some To Hold Deposits!
What NSA Director Mike Rogers Doesn't Get About Encryption 
Time to End Too Big to Jail
   The Mess
Giuliani Versus Obama | The American Spectator
The Way a Jewish Student Was Treated Left at Least One Person ‘Sickened’
14 Things You Should Understand About Guns Before Writing About Them
‘Intellectual Suicide’: He’s Waging a Battle Against Political Correctness 
Austerity, A New Weaselword 
  Net Neutrality

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not Using What We Know About China

As much as one might fantasize a population of adults or a dilution of one at least lead by wise realists, it is not in the cards any time soon. It maybe to late as it is.

 5 false assumptions enabling China’s hundred-year plan to overtake America
 "Based on his extensive interactions with Chinese officials, examinations of internal Chinese military documents and other materials and a sober examination of the facts, Pillsbury argues in “The Hundred-Year Marathon” that America has been duped into aiding China’s “peaceful rise,” and we need to wake up and take concrete steps to counter the patient Chinese foe if we are to neutralize their long-term plan to overtake us by 2049."
There is beer in this bar? Washington has no clue what its doing? Oh. Naturally another culture looks at the world differently. The question is always  how much and in what ways.
"In the 1940s, an effort was funded by the U.S. government to understand the Chinese mind-set. This culminated in several studies, including one in which 150 Chinese emigrants in New York’s Chinatown were shown Rorshach inkblot cards…One conclusion that emerged was that the Chinese did not view strategy the same way Americans did. Whereas Americans tended to favor direct action, those of Chinese ethnic origin were found to favor the indirect over the direct, ambiguity and deception over clarity and transparency."
 "The results of the original 1940s study–the idea that an ethno-national group viewed the world differently–proved controversial and politically incorrect, and they were never published. The sole existing copy rests quietly in the Library of Congress. It would not be until 2000 that I learned from Chinese generals that the study’s conclusions were essentially correct."

 The Fallacy of Free Trade at The Z Blog
 "The trouble has always been cultural. Canada can be relied upon to follow the rules. The Canadian government will police itself and respond to requests from our government when something is amiss. China, on the other hand, is a bandit culture and the Chinese government sees America as an adversary. Naturally, they cheat on every deal."
 One adult running something, anything. Let alone use one conclusion to in form others. Western ideals and civilization should be used, should be gaining and should be learning but instead is vaporizing. Any question why the Islamists are where they are.

Random Links Feb. 23 15

  Foreign Policy
Historic US-Iran Nuclear Deal Could be Taking Shape
Obama Deal to Let Iran Go Nuclear
What Does Vladimir Putin Know That Most Americans Don’t?
5 false assumptions enabling China’s hundred-year plan to overtake America 
 Time to Tame Prosecutors Gone Wild
 Regulatory capture - Maggie's Farm
 Study: Government's Control of Land Is Hurting Oil Production, Job Growth
 Fourth Time’s a Charm for Alabama Workers Looking to Leave Union
 The Right Honourable Moynihan
 Progressives Peculiar Sense of Patriotism
 Politics Between Is and Ought
 The Fallacy of Free Trade at The Z Blog

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ignore "a broken system" and Worry About The Broken System

There are two broken systems that should make your eyes roll by now for different reasons.Call it big business or money that corrupts or controls the politics. It is an influence that grows with the growth of government and swelling numbers of low information voters. Voters still have to vote the politicians in, there are not actions for votes yet.

The other is the ubiquitous lack of compromise. How does it go? I want to feed the dog and you want to shoot it so lets just brake its leg. The less detrimental compromises of late are just a matter of how fast down the road not which road. This too is fixed by thoughtful voters if they can be resurrected.

The worrying brake is the one in the Constitution. The broader philosophical concept is that if all parties to an agreement decide that its not in their best interest any more than the agreement will not last. Legislative Democrats, even after losing the house and the senate still will not let Homeland Dept./amnesty funding bill come to a vote.

If it passed the executive branch will either veto it or decide that  the immigration piece is self funding and there is no reason to do so.The legislative Democrats would get what they want and still allow the legislature to exercise its power.  Even voted out of power the agreement, The Constitution, is no longer in their interest. They have decided that protecting the president and the progressive ideal is in their best interest.

The list of the executive doing what ever it wants is approaching endless including the obscenity of finally taking control of the internet. The current executives use for the agreement is clear, not that they have been over joyed by it in the past. That leaves the judiciary. The lower levels has been eaten by the same kind of sycophantic allegiance to the progressive/judicial realist ideals. They can very eloquently argue the living Constitution stick to get the result, even if the result is absurd.

The supreme court could knock this down in a term or two. I enjoy the though of progressive judges resigning en masse because the supreme court is "out of control" and there is "nothing they can do". In reality the judiciary moves to slow and narrowly to be an effective check. They have abdicated most of their power to congress. As long as the law says it okay then  it is. There are few broad exceptions.

If you can get standing, if you can show damage, if you can sight a contradictory ruling in another court and give them a way to rule so it only applies to you the supreme court might take your case. It is not as bad as all that, that however is the prevailing trend. At that point any wider damage is usually done, adjusted for and accepted. This is what judicial realist / stare decisis at all costs gets you. Look like your doing something and protect your reputation. Agreement? What agreement?

Voters? What voters? They would have to know that it is happening.  For that they have to know enough history to question, have the time too look or have a press that would at least report the facts. Is any of that possible? Large segments of the press, that is really the last guard of the system, have decided is better to go along with what you believe than doing their job and protecting the voters from their rulers. Its not a "broken system", it is an utterly destroyed agreement that one should fear.

Random Links Feb 17 15

Dems Choose Illegal Immigrants Over Border Patrol Agents
Beck Breaks Down What He Believes the ‘Real Goal’ of Net Neutrality Is 
How Billionaires Run Solar Plant Scams
Beck Reveals the Chilling History of America’s ‘Big Brother’ State
  Maggie's Farm here
Noam Chomsky: America paved the way for ISIS
TAMMY BRUCE: FCC, FEC look to ruin the Internet 
Giving Illegals The Vote: How To Wreck A Country 
  Doug Ross here
“The Benghazi Brief” – With Additional Research and Source Vetting 
Proposed Nuke Deal Dangerously Reduces Iran’s Breakout Time
GOP cools on Loretta Lynch 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Random Links Feb. 12 15

Was Kayla Mueller forced to marry an ISIS commander?
Experts: Hezbollah Maintains Presence Across US
Chinese Military Weaknesses Revealed 
What Is the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center?
 The Mess
 Obama Secretly Partied With Bill Ayers Last Summer
 Eric Holder’s Failed Attempt To Curtail The Second Amendment
 Feds Show Up at Dairy Farm and Wrongfully Seize $62k from Farmer 
 Men, Friendly Tip From A Lawyer: Never Engage In BDSM
 Freedom of Information Act Protects the Public Interest
 EPA’s Clean Power Plan Brazenly Flouts the Separation of Powers
 Surprise: Government has been wrong about cholesterol for 40 years 
 Do Secular Family Values Even Exist?
 Who Are The Men Behind The American Curtain?
 The End of This Great Awakening at The Z Blog
The Others
Thursday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: The Skull Beneath the Skin of the ‘Affordable Care Act’
Ace of Spades HQ Thursday Morning News Dump

We Don't Need More Kayla Muellers

 The behavior of the kidnappers is expected. The behavior of our leaders is absolutely appalling, short sighted and is simply sickening. Set all that aside. The first pieces of press on Kayla Mueller made her out as a modern secular missionary. A picture of one that is well aware of the situation and the risks but goes to help any way. Those people secular or not are rare, a few more of them would be welcome. This statement though, has me a little worried.

 Via : Daily Mail Online
 'Kayla has touched the heart of the world,' her aunt Lori Lyon said through sobs. 'The world grieves with us. The world mourns with us. The world wants to be more like Kayla and if that is her legacy... then that is a wonderful thing.'
It is well put and I agree with it as it is written. That is not how it will be read or used. It will be read as a call for ubiquitous, at least in the U.S., community service or volunteerism. Requiring high school students to have community service hours to graduate is not in the same universe as the type of service that gets you killed by Islamist. As well this is perfect for the myriad of activist across the globe. Whether it is climate change, saving whales or the nuclear freeze they don't come close either. Their lives are not at risk and more often than not those they are helping are not facing that risk either.

It is not that we can't use more real Kaylas, it is that we don't need to encourage the lesser, usually at he expense of what we need, leadership. Training everyone to be community organizers is far worst than infantilizing a population. It would be nice to just encourage being an adult. A country of adults would stop ISIS and might have staved Kayla. A country of, call them village elders or wise realists would not only not allowed ISIS to form they would have taken full advantage of the Arab spring. Iran might be a western friendly democracy now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Random Links Feb. 10 15

Here's The Letter Kayla Mueller Sent To Her Family Before Being Killed by ISIS
CBS: Kayla Mueller’s Family Learned of Her Death When IS Emailed Them Picture of Her Body
Executive Deception
Would The Obama Admin Have Called An Attack on a Muslim Deli Random?
Muslim Brotherhood: White House Official Met Us at State Department 
Obama Trashes Border Patrol with an Infuriating Command
 FEC latest front in Democrats’ multi-pronged assault on internet freedom 
 Obama administration won’t release IRS targeting documents 
 Why I Question Libertarian Orthodoxy
 Bill Gates Calls For 'Global Government'
 A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Vomitorium
The Mess
  Illinois Governor Ends Forced Union Dues for State Employees
 Hawaiian Independence Movement Attracts Chinese Interest 
 Supreme Court Hijinx May Mark a Low Poin 
 Wasp Without A Sting 
The Others
Ace of Spades HQ Tuesday Morning News Dump
Larwyn's Linx: The Disgraceful Exit of Eric Holder
Tuesday morning links - Maggie's Farm

Global Warming, Climate Change Watermelons

There is no reason to care about this,  not that there was to begin with.
The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever - Telegraph

Even with the absolutely delusional notion by the current administration that climate change was more important than terror, this still is not important. The reason on that issue is simply that the temperature don't matter. In reality with a data set as large as temperatures for  entire globe for a whole year there is going to be a sizable error rate even with appropriate corrections. For the believers their corrections to the data prove their point and always will.

 The Great Hoax at The Z Blog
   "Science, in the abstract is pure, but we don’t live in the abstract; we live in the real. In the real world science is financed by men and practiced by men. That means all the stupidity, vice and bias that is a part of the human animal will find its way into the lab."
Important points:
- What would be proof that the theory is wrong?
- The prediction: less than ONE degree warmer in a HUNDRED yrs
- Do more poeple died from cold ?

- Do plants like warmth and CO2?
- Is mitigating the damage cheaper than prevention?
- Is economic growth more helpful than prevention that slows it?
So Why is it more important than terror?

This is the red inside of the watermelon. Red for communist, more simply in most cases it's a stand in  for top down control. The same kind of tactics where used to get heath care overhaul.Just make something that sounds good up, call anyone that questions the worst name you can think of and rely on ignorance,of science in the watermelon case. Give us power over all production (CO2), Islam is not important.

 The Great Hoax at The Z Blog
"These guys keep trying to trick the public for a reason and the only plausible reasons are not good. Worse yet, they diminish the people’s trust in science, giving space for lunatics like the anti-vaccine nuts make their claims."

Random Links Feb. 09 15

 Climate Change Watermelon
The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever 
Flashback: Meteorologist Anthony Watts on ‘adjusted’ U.S. temperature data
The Great Hoax at The Z Blog

Pope Francis sees the “economy of exclusion and inequity” as the “root of all evil”
What the popularity of German brothels teach us about perils of strong U.S. dollar
There Is a Simple Formula for Unleashing Economic Prosperity
Liberty and the Bill of Rights
Foreign policy
Military Mad That Obama Crony Susan Rice Is Telling Generals How To Fight
The disaster of Kosovo should be a warning to all humanitarian interventionists
Do Not Ignore Egypt’s Real Security Needs - Commentary Magazine 
‘Tactical Nuke’ Explodes In Ukraine? Video Footage Shows Giant Explosion

U.S. Embassy Met With Group Trying to Influence Israeli Elections 
Obama’s Latest Alinsky-Style Interference in Israeli Elections 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Random Links Feb. 6 15

Christianity is Islam
Bobby Jindal to Obama: "The Medieval Christian Threat Is Under Control."
Krauthammer On Why Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Remarks Left Him Astonished
CAIR Extends Gratitude, Invitation To Obama After His Prayer Breakfast
Mark Levin Slams Obama For Christian, Islam Comparison

Strategic Patience
Obama's National Security Strategy Already Obsolete
Increadable - Ace of Spades HQ
Defense Nominee Says US Set to Build INF Missile

 Nigel Farage Trapped in Ukip’s Rotherham Office for Two Hours
 Marine Le Pen’s Oxford University Speech Delayed by Protesters 

Watermelon -Green on the outside, red in the middle
 UN Admits It’s ‘Fundamentally Changing World’s Economic Model’ 
 Maher: GMO and Vax Skepticism Are OK, But Not Climate Change Skepticism
 UN Climate Chief: We Are Remaking The World Economy

Something Worse Than Being Burned To Death

To be flip, so what else is new.
ISIS executed a captured Jordanian pilot by burning him alive - Business Insider

It may have been a mistake over the years on my part to have applied "walk a mile in their shoes" to situations beyond the inept clerk or school bully.  There is no tragedy in my life to begin to compare being burned alive. There are a couple of  moving box filled with well wore, very ugly, imaginary shoes. It took about all of five seconds to decide that this just wasn't worth it. It also make it easier to see that after it all it is over for him and hopefully at peace.

 Call ISIS what you like barbarians, a cult of death, or adolescent children. That doesn't mean its new behavior for them as the press make it out. I don't think this is even the worst way the have killed some one.
Sick: Obama Just Showed ISIS Where His Priorities Lie 
"Following the disturbing release of a video depicting James Foley, a New Hampshire reporter who disappeared during an assignment in Syria, being beheaded by terrorists, many looked to Barack Obama for his comments regarding the disturbing news."
I got the sense that the beheading was not carried out with guillotine like precision of kindness.
"Despite warnings from experts, including former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell, that this development is a direct threat to America’s safety and should be met with a strong military response, Obama was reportedly not troubled enough to cancel his latest round of golf."
How horrible to have your death dismissed like that? It was over. For Foley it made little difference. The real horror is the question of what if your don't die.
Those are the are stop me in my tracks, that I can't get my head around. Those have been CONTINUING since at least continuing September. Graphic Warning

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random Links Feb. 4 15

FCC Chairman Confirms He’ll Propose Strongest Internet Rules Ever Proposed
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: This Is How We Will Ensure Net Neutrality
Net neutrality wins: the FCC will propose strong Title II regulation 

Islam Europe
After Rotherham

Articles: Islam and Appeasement
Iran Nuclear Solution: Regional Domination as a Nuclear Threshold State ‘The World Has Gone Absolutely Stark, Raving Mad’? 

What's Really Happening Is Democrats Are Blocking DHS Funding
No One knows How Many Illegal Immigrants Will Be Helped by Obama’s Plan
Jeb’s On Board The Amnesty Train, Doesn’t Understand Why People Are ‘Fearful’

-Silk Road Trial Over: Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty on All 7 Counts [UPDATED With Reaction from Lawyer Joshua Drate
 -Seize First, Question Later: The Institute for Justice’s New Report on the IRS’ Abusive Civil Forfeiture Regime
-DC Sued After Trampling Second Amendment...Again

 A Quarter-Century Later, How Does the ADA Hold Up?
 What Libertarians (and Conservatives) Don’t Understand About Poverty 

 Executive Deception
47 Inspectors General Accuse Obama Administration Of Stonewalling
New EPA Policy Will “Regulate Just About Any Place Where Water Collects”
Nancy Pelosi’s Policy Agenda, Summed Up in These 10 Quotes

The Mess
Condoms are $755 in Venezuela. Guess Why?
Five truths about the Chevron shakedown « Hot Air
Workers Try to Boot Union for Fourth Time After ‘Rigged’ Election 
Why Are Taxpayers Giving Millions to the NFL?

The Others
Ace of Spades HQ
Larwyn's Linx:30% of Illegals Caught at Border Have Criminal History in U.S.
Wednesday morning links - Maggie's Farm

Charlie Hebdo Is Not a Tipping Point

The daft of this post with just the tittle has been sitting while I try to figure out how to explain it. The important point is now in is own post. The short version,  Europe is doomed because its doesn't understand liberty. Their freedom of speech is little more than lip service. It's backed by laws and bureaucracy. The idea that is God given , a matter of nature law, or just in a constitution is not part of the governments.

 Defending France and Free Speech - Bloomberg View
In schools last week, there were about 100 incidents where (mostly Muslim) students refused to take part in a minute of silence to honor the magazine's dead. Forty of these cases were referred to the police for potential prosecution, according to Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, because the words spoken amounted to "glorifying terrorism."
No understanding of free speech. and that's just a start.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random Links Feb. 03 15

Fox’s Shep Smith Exposes Audience to Searing Evil of Islamic State 

Obama’s ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Not a Strategy Against Terrorism
DIA: Islamic State Spreading Beyond Syria and Iraq
Obama Doesn’t Know What Ideology ISIS ‘Is Operating Off Of’
Orwell and the Administration: The White House as the Ministry of Truth 

Hamas on Campus: ‘Zionist Lobby’ Can’t Take a Joke 
Muslims Demand Teacher Be Canned for Showing Muhammad Cartoons
Wanted: Uber-Ized Education

 The Police No Longer Work For You
 2nd Amendment Threatened In Obama's Trade Plans
 Federal Bill Would Make Owning Body Armor Punishable by 10 Yrs
 Federal law proposed to ban body armor stirs up debate

 A Quick Guide to Obama’s New Budget
 Gallup CEO Calls Unemployment Rate ‘Big Lie’ 
 They call them “economic laws” for a reason

The end of Europe? Why Greece's exit from the euro would have repercussions far beyond economics.
The Globalization Of Conservatism
The tyranny of theory by Gary Saul Morson

Mark Levin Goes Off On Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham
How to Make Young People Conservative

The Mess
 Were the F-35 Plans Intentionally Leaked to the Chinese?
 Radio Shack's Missed Opportunity with DIYers
 Your Body's Not Stupid, And It Has A Brain

The Others
Tuesday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: Obama Is Openly Colluding with the Enemy
Ace of Spades Tuesday news dump

Europe is an exesental threat to the United States

To be clear Europe as it is structured with the way it thinks about it self now and for a number of decades is a long term threat to the existence of the United States of  America. The solution is easy and solves most problems, we just don't do it.

First this has nothing to do with their Islam problems or the European Union. Really it doesn't have much to do specifically with its economic tail chasing(Greece), lose of shared values (replacing religion) or stunning military decline. Those are symptoms.

Their problem, argue it all you want, is social democracy. It is a slow socialism that erodes the individual. It is so far down the road that the lack drive to pass one self (your wisdom, views, ect.) to the next generation is leading to France not being French. If not France pick the country. Mark Steyn and a few others understand and explain not only the birth rate problem but the problem on the whole.

Why is this a problem for the US? Their collapse is inevitable, long term.