Friday, June 27, 2008

The Explotion of the US Economy and Freedom Bubble

I am listening to CNN and they are talking about where the poles are from state to state. A couple states are moving to Obama. The map looks better and better for him. What are you people thinking?! Not that McCain is much better.

Where the talk about the deficit and a freaking fix. The war's course is pretty set no matter what they say or who is in office move the freak on. Where is the talk on Social Security. A fix Not just moving it down the road! DO something about gas, do anything! I don't care if everyone thinks it will work, make a bold mistake I don't care, try try again, just do something.

On top of all that i am coming to the conclusion that our economy is so distorted by subsidies, the weird ways the US reports and figurers it economic reports and the difference in value of the goods we trade that no one knows what the hell is going on. Compare milk now to 2 and five year ago but do it in how much gold, silver or copper.

I feel that the whole economy is vastly over valued or is based far to much on just service, no real things, of a slowly worsening value. The quality of services has taken a dive just as the quality of a lot of people has. The bubble will burst under enough pressure, co2 cap and trade anyone?

When that happens the freedom follows. There not going to close papers or lock you up for speaking against the government. You will just get laughed down, call racist or what ever fits and you will not be heard.

There will be nothing you can do, why because you will be boxed in by the intrusive and oppressive government polices on all types of economic issues. heath care taxes of all types aide to all education for all subsidized house for all The list roles on. I like Animal Farm as a book not a way of life.

I am going to put he pitch fork down. i have to get gas to cut the lawn so the county doesn't come and fine me for bringing down values and cutting into the tax I pay them. What. Deep breath pitch fork down.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GOP to Lose in a Landslide, No Win, No Wait

I as most I suspect are getting very tired of the campaigning. There seems to be this slow walk of broad issues, minor tweaks to positions, personal changes, and VP speculation. Are we waiting til the summer is over so more people are paying attention. Can we get on with it. Just move the election to to August 5.

I hear Dems say over and over the people are behind them and they will win in a landslide. Really? Republicans are starting to do the same thing. Dems point to the special elections. Republicans ran against conservative Dems with very similar views and they tried to link them to Obama. Obama at the time wasn't the head of the party and most of the party wasn't exactly in lock step with him and won't be going forward. Those election just show the stupidity of those local parts of the Republican party. These races have nothing to do with the overall mood of the country or the Presidential race.

My prediction is no prediction now. Some feel that it is Obama's to lose. Ah No. I am in the camp that it's McCain's not to lose, I think. If people come to the conclusion that they are both completely "full of it", lack vision and vote 1st 3rd i don't think anyone can predict ( thats how I'm voting). The more important question is have people really looked at socialism and decided its okay. If thats the case McCain is done, go home now and save yourself the stress.

Now if people haven't looked hard at socialism and realized how socialist at his core Obama is, it's McCain's to not loose. If Obama says that McCain is Bush's 3rd term then call him a socialist or Marxist. It is just as true. Put a big Obama '08 sign an your bus with the hammer and sickle behind it. Explain what that symbol means , explain the philosophies, compare what he had said to Marx, Stalin, and the like. Point to history and what it has lead to. Take the gloves off and hit him.

As a matter of looking at these things you can never underestimate the stupidity of people and the ability to ignore facts in favor of the way they want the world to work, what the people around them think, or just plane charisma.

Who is going to win? It's McCain's to not lose. It really makes little difference. If you want a Second American Revolution sooner vote Obama, a little later McCain, If you want to head it off vote for the 1st 3rd party on the ballot.

The Brainwashing of MoveOn's Baby Alex

MoveOn is one of those groups that makes it very hard to believe in free speech. People can't spend their day fact checking every ridiculous clam made. I read a study ( salt hear) that your mind believes every thing it hears until it is disproven. If a lie or half truth get to more people than the whole truth the lie is fact to the to some people. Maybe we should be more responsible with what we put out there. The hundred years nonsense is beating a herd of dead horses for anyone that pay any attention to the full statement of McCain and a little history.

There are any number of issues with this newspeak laden propaganda. Bill Kristol in Someone Else’s Alex covers most of it but it goes much deeper. This mother has said that I am going to brain wash my child. That is the only way she can keep him out, it is his choice when the time comes. And what is she going to brain wash him with, this absolute talking to them will always solve the problem, the military is obsolete, their views are always as valid as ours, and we haven't done that much good so we should just stop meddling. No Brainwashing. Teach them to read and do math, logic and its difference from emotion, point them to a library, and give them the facts and arguments on both sides and let them decide. No Brainwashing.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Have Ben Stein Win us Some Money

I saw the highlights of the Congressional hearings with the FTC. From what I saw they have found no indication that there has been any price manipulation and asked that if anyone had any evidence to bring it to them. I still trust them to do these sort of investigations and come up with reasonable answers. The question I was left with is if they have questioned all those that are so convinced, at the very least dropped them an e-mail.

Ben Stein, well was on O'Reilly's radio show Thursday. I by no means listen to him very often. I was in the car, all the music sucked and he was on. Mr. Stein was agreeing or disagreeing with O'Reilly's rant about speculators. He said that he was in a room the day before with some former Enron traders laughing about have much money they were making trading gas and oil. What? Can you pleace just drop the FTC an e-mail with where, when this took place and who was there.
May be Mr. Stein could save us all some money.

Carlin Rest in Peace

George Carlin died Sunday at 71.

As much as i would like to think that my current skepticism developed in a vacuum, it didn't. The HBO shows of Carlin and other like him were a kind of catalyst after high school. I agreed with him on most of the political and social issues, not so much now. I still very much with him on kids and language. Reason has a nice piece on the topic: The Cunning Linguist. I keep meaning to get to his early stuff, just haven't and my never. We all should spent a little time on YouTube or the like and catch some of the highlights, especially if your not familiar with him.

George Carlin on "the American Dream"

George Carlin - Saving the Planet

He is a great lose for those that have views that don't fit into nice little boxes.

A collection of reactions at OTB: George Carlin Dies at 71

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free money for Obama

I have never quite understood labeling budget items "off budget". It is just a label , and i suppose it is necessary from a legal stand point. The item in this case is the war funding. It seems that it is a very large loan. More debt, weaker dollar, then higher price. Not good, so we need to pay it off. It is not a stream of revenue we can divert to other things. It is Not free money!

I have made my views on the Iraq war clear. So I am not one to use this as a reason to get out and it shouldn't be. However for Obama to treat it like it is money we can just spend else were once the troops are home is ridiculous. Yes , the payments on the loan will go down over time, but the money saved doesn't come close to the amount we spent. You go buy a car (an "off budget item" not the war) for 30,000 at about 450 a month. When you pay of the car you don't have 30000 to spend you have 450. Now you could take another loan out, but your back in debt. It might be okay for a car we need but not so good for the Fed to spend on what ever the feel like.

All this is "off budget", out side the budget any way. There is not any new money. There is no free money, so cut it out.