Friday, June 27, 2008

The Explotion of the US Economy and Freedom Bubble

I am listening to CNN and they are talking about where the poles are from state to state. A couple states are moving to Obama. The map looks better and better for him. What are you people thinking?! Not that McCain is much better.

Where the talk about the deficit and a freaking fix. The war's course is pretty set no matter what they say or who is in office move the freak on. Where is the talk on Social Security. A fix Not just moving it down the road! DO something about gas, do anything! I don't care if everyone thinks it will work, make a bold mistake I don't care, try try again, just do something.

On top of all that i am coming to the conclusion that our economy is so distorted by subsidies, the weird ways the US reports and figurers it economic reports and the difference in value of the goods we trade that no one knows what the hell is going on. Compare milk now to 2 and five year ago but do it in how much gold, silver or copper.

I feel that the whole economy is vastly over valued or is based far to much on just service, no real things, of a slowly worsening value. The quality of services has taken a dive just as the quality of a lot of people has. The bubble will burst under enough pressure, co2 cap and trade anyone?

When that happens the freedom follows. There not going to close papers or lock you up for speaking against the government. You will just get laughed down, call racist or what ever fits and you will not be heard.

There will be nothing you can do, why because you will be boxed in by the intrusive and oppressive government polices on all types of economic issues. heath care taxes of all types aide to all education for all subsidized house for all The list roles on. I like Animal Farm as a book not a way of life.

I am going to put he pitch fork down. i have to get gas to cut the lawn so the county doesn't come and fine me for bringing down values and cutting into the tax I pay them. What. Deep breath pitch fork down.

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