Monday, December 15, 2014

Crony Populism and Candy

The FNC Political Insiders are interviewed Sunday evening. They continue to make the point rather convincingly that the current government is out for itself.
Talking over the cromnibus this Sunday they use  Elizabeth Warren fighting to keep changes to Dodd-Frank in tack. The Dodd-Frank that just for starters created the unaccountable CFPB. She's on outsider fighting the system. Ted Cruz is brought into the mix. His cromnibus beef has nothing to do with Warrens. One would image he is for repealing the whole law. He's an outsider too and every one hates the banks. Therefore there is a ground swell for something new. That's what i took from it.

They make the case for the problem D.C. problem well most of the time. What has me worries is what the solution might be. Cruz and Warren are polar opposites. Those who might be a supporter of one shouldn't be of the other, unless you just a supporter of the outsider and just hate D.C.. This exacerbates the problem with all revolutions, the mob. In the end they follow whoever can convince them they are on the mobs side.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Please? Don't Feed the Meme. It Hurts My Head.

Last Sunday I read this;
"A crackdown by Mexican immigration officials along the nation's southern border appears to have yielded major results before the U.S. 2014 midterm elections"
 "The federal report admitted that a significant draw for Central American minors to come to the U.S. was the fact that 98 percent are ultimately not deported. "
We get lied to, the problem is papered over and press moves on ?! nothing new. moving on.
"New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and 17 mayors from Seattle to Atlanta pledged to share expertise on implementing President Barack Obama’s executive order providing relief for undocumented immigrants."
New York...; de Blasio...;  ?! moving oh
That is on top of him warning his kid and retraining the police with the understanding their racist and just need to lean to talk to the community better ?!

Maybe the Feds will calm. Obama:
“Beyond the specific issue, that has to be addressed – making sure that people have confidence that police and law enforcement and prosecutors are serving everybody equally – there is a larger question of restoring a sense of common purpose.”
 ?! Ferguson mayor James Knowles III on DOJ
 “I mean, I think it was really just trying to get people to understand what that [white privilege] means, because the average white person wakes up and says, if you’re just a middle-class white person, you say, What privilege do I have?”
 white privilege = cop shooting... ?!

Then on top of the "yes means yes" nonsense, the UVa case turns out at best to be really bad journalism. Then you get this:
 Ultimately, though, from where I sit in Charlottesville, to let fact checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake. “These events undoubtedly do occur here,” first-year Maddie Rita told me. “And while this report has clearly had factual flaws as well as rhetorical missteps, there are plenty of other fully corroborated accounts not only at this university, but at every university around the country.”
Use...; one of them?!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Believe as I am told?

There are any number of thing over the past few years that are not believable, but yet there they are. I see them and for a second I think for my head might explode, well that's the way we say it anyway.  I have not learned to just accept even though I know there is a kind of  freedom if I do. That acceptance, though i have tried; vaguely, it scares me to much.

As of  Monday I am to believe I am a racist, misogynist, anarchist and a torture lobbyist. I am also expected to accept the definition of what those are according to the expert that is speaking at that moment. Believe as I am told? Accept?