Monday, December 15, 2014

Crony Populism and Candy

The FNC Political Insiders are interviewed Sunday evening. They continue to make the point rather convincingly that the current government is out for itself.
Talking over the cromnibus this Sunday they use  Elizabeth Warren fighting to keep changes to Dodd-Frank in tack. The Dodd-Frank that just for starters created the unaccountable CFPB. She's on outsider fighting the system. Ted Cruz is brought into the mix. His cromnibus beef has nothing to do with Warrens. One would image he is for repealing the whole law. He's an outsider too and every one hates the banks. Therefore there is a ground swell for something new. That's what i took from it.

They make the case for the problem D.C. problem well most of the time. What has me worries is what the solution might be. Cruz and Warren are polar opposites. Those who might be a supporter of one shouldn't be of the other, unless you just a supporter of the outsider and just hate D.C.. This exacerbates the problem with all revolutions, the mob. In the end they follow whoever can convince them they are on the mobs side.

What Warren does here is  the standard populism, "banks bad I will protect you". With the banks, how bad they are and why is very different if your Cruz or Warren.What the Political Insiders and others are doing is crony populism. Look at the problem, look how bad it is, look how its hurting you,look, look. With self interested D.C. that is true, Cruz and Warren likely agree. How it got that way and what the solutions are for crony populism are not important. Look, look how bad the problem is. Just get the metaphoric mob moving.

Where does the mob land? Behind the socialist stripe with the best candy? It needs to be understood that it is candy, just candy. There are other choices at the table. Is it possible to explain that as the mobs rushes the table?

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