Thursday, April 30, 2015

Random Links April 30 15

 Baltimore Think
United Kindom
 Freedom of Religion

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Random Links April 28 15

Obama on Baltimore
Baltimore Think
Baltimore Riots Explode Leftist Race Myths - Breitbart
Baltimore Proving There Are “Two Americas” – and One Is A Potemkin Village Supported By Media…
Black urban mayhem and barbarianism - Maggie's Farm
Religious Freedom

Monday, April 27, 2015

Random Links April 27 15

Law Enforcing
 Freedom of Religion

Friday, April 24, 2015

Random Links April 24 15

11VA Sends Veterans’ Medical Info To FBI To Get Their Guns Taken Away

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Random Links April 23 15

Congressman Massie's 500-Yard Run That is Driving Congress Crazy - The Stand
Battlefield America

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Random Links April 22 15

The Right Prescription What Part of ‘No’ Does HHS Not Get? By David Catron SCOTUS issues fifth order halting enforcement of contract

Oath Keepers Protecting Oregon Miner From BLM
En-forcing Law

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random Links April 21 15

The Mess
105 Years Ago Today, One Of America’s Most Beloved Authors Died
The end of the license plate |
Colorado Campus Carry: 12 Years, No Mass Shootings, No Crimes by Permit Holders
Dana’s One-Stop, All-Purpose Wisdom Shop NR Interview 
BREAKING: What This Judge Just Did For The First Time Gives A Nonhuman Constitutional Rights
Trumka: Obama ‘Willfully Ignoring’ Congress on ‘Un-Democratic’ Trade Deal
More Than 50 Groups Joins Forces in Calling for Export-Import Bank’s End
Mark Levin – We Have a Terrorist Recruiting Problem in Minnesota
U.S. Says If China Used Water Cannons on Philippine Boats, Would Be Provocative
Iranian Flotilla a ‘Factor’ in Warship Deployment Off Yemen
Breaking…Obama’s Incredible Orwellian Tale About Iran’s Timeline for the Bomb
News We Missed…Foreign Invasions Have Been Institutionalized In Our “Brain Circuity” for Six Years
Quantitative Easing with a Chinese Face
Sabre-Rattling Soars: Poland Buys US Patriot Air Defense System, Gold Pops
Why Europe Lets People Drown
Negative Attacks On Farage Rebuffed By UKIP
Amnesty International Rejects Campaign to Fight Anti-Semitism
Report: Obama Lied For Years About Iran's Nuclear Breakout Ability
Obama Admin Admits Granting Amnesty to Gang Member Charged with Four Counts of Murder
Here’s the Deal on the Court Fight Over Obama’s Carbon Regulations
Report: IRS In Bed With Left-Wing Atheist Group On Church Monitoring
Sen. Mike Lee explains how this one misinterpreted clause of the Constitution could make Congress’ power unlimited (Video)
Rubio Team: Legislative Amnesty for DACA Recipients Before Border Secured - Breitbart
Senator Ted Cruz: Why Do We Maintain Gun-Free Zones on Military Bases?
Congressional Republicans Go to Bat for Right to Work

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ramdom Links April 20 15

The Mess
Freedom Of
 Below The Fold - Middle East, United Kingdom, Out Of Congress, Guns, Economics, Clinton, And The Mess

Friday, April 17, 2015

Random Links April 17 15

 -Top Judge: Britain’s Courts Should Respect the Veil
-Obama ‘Frankly Surprised’ It Took This Long for Russia to Cross His Red Line on Missiles to Iran
-Report: ISIS Used ‘Lottery’ System to Distribute Yazidi Sex Slaves
 -Obama ‘Frankly Surprised’ It Took This Long for Russia to Cross His Red Line on Missiles to Iran
-Ukraine Faces Backlash as it Tries to Purge Communist Past
-Why Are We Going Down Same Path With Iran We Did With North Korea?
-China's Bursting Bubble + Grexit Trouble = Dow Rubble
-Images Show Rapid Chinese Progress on New South China Sea Airstrip

Read Gold Star Mom’s Blistering Open Letter Demanding Apology From Top U.S. General: ‘I Am Shaking’
JCS Chairman Says Russian Fighter Intercept ‘Reckless and Unprofessional’
DOJ Banning Veterans From Owning Firearms In Surprising Numbers
McCain: Dempsey Downplaying ISIS Taking Ramadi Bizarre, Stunning
Republicans Conspire With Dems to Raise the Gas Tax
Angry Obama Blasts Senate Republicans Over Loretta Lynch Nomination
House GOP Plans Secret Vote to Determine Export-Import Bank’s Future
Why the Death Tax Is All Economic Pain, No Gain
Critics: NLRB May Gut ‘Right to Work’ Laws
‘Oath Keepers’ Join Oregon Miners In Stand-Off With BLM
Feds Threaten Force Against Districts Over Massive Opt-Out in New York
Obama’s Dangerous Power Grab – Destroying Electric Power With Total Disregard for the Law
Shock Study: Feds Are LOSING Money Managing Public Lands | The Daily Caller
EPA Could Put Nearly 300,000 Jobs On The Chopping Block
Below the Fold - Bush, Paul, Think The Mess, and The Others

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Links April 16 15

What the Unearthed 1995 Video Tells Us about Obama
Major Muslim Group Just Made A Bold Move To Gain More Power In The US
GOP Squandered Its Best Opportunity To Hold Hillary Accountable 
Inside the Ring: Pacom: Russia Returns to Cold War Posture
West Losing ‘Information War’ With Russia
Why Obama Hid Information On Illegal Shipments Of Missile Parts To Iran
Iran Growing as a Skilled Cyberthreat
Obama's partners in peace rebuilding Hamas war machine in Gaza
Obama Expected to Bind US to CO2 Reduction at Paris Meeting This Year
 Wasserman Schultz: Having More Female U.N. Peacekeepers 'Is Really Important'
Why is Google in Europe's crosshairs? It's not just trustbusting.
Meanwhile, In Greece — Live Feed | Zero Hedge
Why did China just release five feminist activists? (+video) -
Spot a Common Theme: Prostitution Scandals, Kickbacks And Money Laundering
Special Report Obama’s Liberationist Military
U.S. Cuts Nuclear Warhead Levels
Critics: Christians Fleeing 'Hostile' Military Ranks
ICE Director Tells Congressman: We Follow Obama Rules, Not The Law… 
Obama Admin. Implements Jobs Program for At-Risk Youth, in Central America 
Obama gives 541,000 Social Security numbers to illegals
The Times Goes Know-Nothing on Immigration [Updated] | Power Line
Another Reason To Get Serious About Our Unguarded Border 
Below the Fold -  Executive, Clinton, Think, The Mess, and The Others

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Random Links April 15 15

ISIS Is Camping Outside El Paso in Mexico with Spotters in New Mexico 
ISIS Training Camp Uncovered Near Texas Border
Three Ways ISIS and Its Supporters Could Strike America
Glenn Beck Says Unspeakable Evil Is ‘Sweeping the Globe Again’
Prison Radicalisation: Copenhagen Killer Shared Cell With ISIS Fanatic
Barack’s Stalinist Mentor Was No Fan of Christ, America, Winston Churchill, 
Frank Marshall Davis: Obama’s ‘Communist mentor’? - The Washington Post
The Obama Constitution
President Obama’s Dreams Of Bandung 
North Korea Transfers Missile Goods to Iran During Nuclear Talks 
China, Not America, Rescues Its Own Citizens Stuck in Yemen
Egypt TV to Israel: ‘Trust in God and bomb’ Iran
Germany Assures Estonia of NATO Support Against Russians
Austin Bay - The Bluff Attack on Bornholm: Kremlin Tests NATO Solidarity
Is Obama's Foreign Policy The Worst In American History? -
WATCH: UKIP Activists Jeer Telegraph Journalist Over ‘Black Faces’ Question
Obama as Nuclear Arsonist
Who Really Profits From The West's Warmongering?
Boehner boots rebels |
New GOP Congress Pretty Much Like The Old Democrat One
SenateBill Stabilizing Doctors’ Payments, Adding $141 Billion to Deficit
Corker-Menendez Goes to Floor Over Opposition from WH, Lobby Groups
House Dems jump to support new Iran bill
Loretta Lynch Vote Stalled on Paying for Abortions
Senate Passes Bill Stabilizing Doctors’ Payments
  Free Association
-Pope Takes on Feminists, Gender Theorists, Gay Activists… Defends Differences Between Sexes
-Freedom of and from Religion - John Stossel 
-Atheists’ Latest Move to Strike God From Public Universities Has One Legal Firm Hitting Back Against ‘Shameful’ ‘Distortion’ of the First Amendment
-ACLU Belittles Believers as Wife Beaters
BtF - Executive, Ex-Im, Clinton,  Calf. H2O, unions, guns, black privilege and hats, The Mess, and The Others

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Randon Links Aoril 14 15

  United Nations
U.N.-Led EPA Condemns Congress for Interfering With Their Fiats 
Why the 169 Targets UN Is Pursuing Won’t Lead to Progress in Reducing Poverty
-Israel: Iran Boosts Weapon Shipments to Hamas, Hezbollah in Expectation of Lifted Sanctions - Breitbart
-Obama's Nuclear Framework Agreement is a Hoax
-Russian Arms Sales to Iran Degrade U.S. Ability to Strike Nuke Sites
-Russian Missile Sales to Iran Cross White House ‘Red Line’
-IMF Forecasts Greece Will Be Europe's Fastest Growing Country; Makes Fun Of Its Own Predictions
-The French Paradox and the Jews
-Pentagon: Bible, Constitution Perpetuate Sexism | The Daily Caller
-OUTRAGE: Look What Leftists Now Teach Our Armed Forces About ‘Sexist’ Founding Documents
-Is The Liberal Media Forcing An Ignorant Populace To Debate What Is Illegal?
We Are Legion: Don’t Let Internet Culture Amplify Idiots 
-Stop Dancing with the MSM
-Is 'Social Justice Warrior' a Pejorative?
-MSNBC Host: Americans Are a Plague on The World
Obama and Revolutionary Romance
The New Inquisition
 Strong Nuclear Family Is Crucial To Nation’s Financial Stability
 The Cult Turns on the Tribe
  The Obama Doctrine 
BtF - amnesty, government, executive, Clinton, Rubio, tax, The Mess And The Others

Monday, April 13, 2015

Random Links April 13 15

-Russia Lifts Ban on Missile Deliveries to Iran, Start Oil-For-Goods Swap
-Russia Can Deliver S-300 Missile System to Iran Quickly
-Israel Alarmed By Russian Decision To Supply Iran With S-300 Air Defense Missiles
-Russia Warns "Attempts At Isolation Are Counterproductive & Useless"
-Remember Crimea? The Grim Reality of Russian Rule
-Obama’s Iran ‘Framework’ Is a Chimera 
-How the Next President Can Stand Up to a Resurgent Russia 
-The Homintern 
-How to Make America Disappear
-TRUTH: The Cure for Cognitive Dissonance
-Special Report Sci-Fi’s Pod People By Daniel J. Flynn Science Fiction has been taken over by PC heavies—but th
-MSM Biased in Favor of Big Government… Media Matters Reliant on Fox News’s Dominance
-It’s not red state vs blue state. It’s city vs country
 Free Association
-Will We Surrender on Religious Freedom? 
-Let The First Amendment Do Its Job
-Big Law Thinks Gay Marriage Opponents Are Like Racist Bigots. That’s a Problem.
-Christian Who Asked Gay Rights Bakery to Bake Anti-Gay Marriage Cake May Face Legal Action
-Let Them Eat Cake
-Top Law Firms Won’t Represent Traditional Marriage at Supreme Court
-Who is Protected From Protected Classes?
-High Spirits Reducing Religion Down By David R. Carlin How liberal Christians shrink the faith.
Below the Fold - UK,  India, Foreign, Executive, Clinton, Rubio, Fiorina, The Mess, and The Others

Friday, April 10, 2015

Random Links April 10 15

The Party of Coercion Doesn’t Understand It
A Further Perspective Eating Some Jim Crow By David Boze 
Kick Open The Doorway To Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?
Political Hay Bill Buckley Was Right: America in the Grip of the Liberal Mania
Levin: We Are Witnessing ‘Complete Evisceration of American Citizenship’
PATRICK HENRY: I fear the Constitution might lead to an Obama
Americans ‘Can’t Be Fooled’ by Modern Comforts Into Forgetting Freedoms Lost
How Not To Communicate With Millennials Like Hozier 
Big Labor’s Five Misconceptions on Free Trade
Are We Overly Reliant on Data? - Maggie's Farm
   The Mess
-Michael Bloomberg Wants 50% Of Coal Plants Shut Down By 2017
-Free water? - Maggie's Farm
-With Harry Reid Gone, Why Is Nancy Pelosi Hanging On? John Fund 
-Uh, Joe, You’re Supposed To Kiss The Babies, Not Suck On Their Pacifiers
-Here’s Why You Won’t Be Seeing Those Catchy Rob Lowe Commercials 
-In Wake of Ferguson, Obama Calls for ‘Policing That Is Actually Protecting’
-Report: 39,000 Child Migrants, 35,000 Family Units Expected This Year In Second Border Surge
-What Just Happened  During A Super-Heated Argument Over ‘Hate’ And Race
-New York Times Kicks off NRA Convention Coverage with Massive Lie Charles C. W. Cooke
Btf -  Iran, Hillary, Paul, Cruz, China, Cuba and The Mess

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Random Links April 09 15

The Mess
-Ferguson election: Model for other troubled communities?
-O’Reilly –‘Critical Mass Has Been Reached’ on Obama Admin. ‘Deception
-Al Sharpton Demands Nationalization of Local and State Police
-Former DOJ Official: Non-Citizens Registered To Vote Through Motor Voter Registration Forms
-Hollywood Reporter French-Kisses China In Sweet Surrender
-Military Revives Almost-Abandoned Mountain Base to Protect Against New-Era Threat
-Read the ‘Radical Islam’ Handout That Has Texas Teacher Under Fire From CAIR: ‘Won’t Be Tolerated’
-State Department Orders Crash Course on Negotiating Week After Iran Deal
-Even The House Dems Want To Give Pelosi The Boot
-How Republicans Can Cut through the Obamacare Chaos after King v. Burwell
 The Cost of Ferguson
 Yes, Laws Are Coercive, Even When You Happen To Like Them
 To Lie About Rape Is To Enable Evil 
 Fighting the McCarthyism of the Democrats
 Will the GOP rethink its “traditional values” high ground?
 Can the Next President Deliver Better Defense?
 Is the Modern American University a Failed State?
 The Burdens of Thought Policing Victor Davis Hanson
 Treason and Corruption
 How Our High Corporate Tax Rate Hurts Our Economy
 The Logic Of Economic Discrimination
 The Dry Math of Scarcity Kevin D. Williamson 
BtF -  Iran, Cuba, Yemen, Rand Paul, Calif. H2O, Free Association, Middle East and The Others

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Random Links April 07 15

Mexican Los Zetas Cartel Grew $2 Million Drug Field on Texas Soil
Ex-Obama Intel Chief: ‘Very Likely’ China, Russia Hacked Hillary’s Email
Northcom: China’s Three Missile Submarines a ‘Concern’
Successful Russian Cyber Attack Against White House and State Department 
Claim: Bombshell NCIS Report Reveals Bowe Bergdahl’s ‘Deliberate’ Plan
Intel, Military Say 2009 NCIS Report Shows Bergdahl Planned Desertion
IRS Loses a Big Battle in Its War with the Tea Party
IRS, Congress Hold Our Liberty In Contempt
Court: DHS Must Say Why Secret Plan to Shut Down Cellphone Service Is Legal
   The Mess
Growing Bipartisan Opposition to UN Arms Treaty
This Single Chart Reveals Just How Lame the Economic Recovery Is
How California Went Dry
Little Rock VA Hospital Tears Down Never-Used Solar Panels 
Corn, Scorn, and Policy Porn | The American Spectator
Involuntary Servitude
What Our Founders Feared: Lawmakers Empower Non-Elected to Make Laws
Republicans Behaving Like Democrats
Obama's UN Ambitions 
The Homo Wars | The Z Blog
Intellectual Dishonesty Is Winning Every Time 
America’s Accelerating Decay Dennis Prager 
Answer Us This, George Stephanopoulos
 BtF:  Iran, Free Association, Rand Paul, Islam and Amnesty

Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Links April 06 15

   The Mess
Labor Lawyer: Employers Need to Get Ready for NLRB Ambush
Why Are US Colleges So Afraid of Letting Students Speak Freely?
Tom Cotton Calls for More Defense Spending, Modernization
Why a Russian Decided to Fight for Ukraine
Operation Jade Helm: Should We Be Worried?
Congress to SCOTUS: You only have yourself to blame for bootleg recording
A Flawed Legal Analysis Is Helping Lois Lerner
Feds Consider Puerto Ricans Disabled Because They Speak Spanish
Eardrum-Shattering Muslim Call To Jihad Forced On 50 States
9,000 Deaths A Year Caused by Worshipping at Altar of Gov’t Healthcare
Army Soldiers Sit Through ‘White Privilege’ Presentation - and the Backlash 
Angry White House Press Sending List Of Demands To Obama | The Daily Caller  
The Return of Preemption 
The Left Is Dumb
The New Anti-Atheists
Benghazi, Bergdahl, and the Bomb 
Defending the Right to Discriminate
Moral Bullies and the Laws That Enable Them
   Free Association
-The Controversy in Indiana Is Trumped Up—but RFRA Isn’t a Good Law 
-Big Ruling in Case of Bakery That Refused to Decorate Bible-Shaped Cakes With Anti-Gay Messages 
-Indiana’s Law Is Part of America’s Tradition of Tolerance
-In Indiana, Hysteria as a Bludgeon 
-The Nazi Cake Jewish Bakeries Will Be Forced To Sell. THANKS GAY MAFIA! 
BtF - Iran, Economy, Ca Water, Amnesty And The Others

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Random Links April 02 15

-Dear Bill Quick: You're Wrong In Every Claim You Make, and You're Enlisting Yourself Out as an Enemy of Freedom
-Gut Check: Confessions of a Self-Conscious Conservative
-Yes, Matt Yglesias, The Marriage Decline Is A Problem 
-The Greatest Story Never Told
-The Campus Left Begins to Implode | The Weekly Standard
-The Libertarian: Discrimination, Religious Liberty And How We Undervalue Free Association 
-The Palestinians Have Officially Joined the International Criminal Court. 
-Joe Biden to Authoritarian Chinese President: U.S. Only Supports Human Rights As ‘Political Imperative’
-Why Putin Doesn't Need To Pander To The West
-Chaos In Yemen: Chinese Troops Arrive As US-Armed Rebels Set Sights On Central Bank
-What’s the Counter-Revolutionary Guard Strategy?
-The Energy Spectator How Will a Nuke Deal Affect the Price of Oil? By Marita Noon Or the mayhem in Yemen?
-Obama Has A New Plan To Change America That’s So Insane He Has To Keep It Quiet
The Mess
Special Report A Third Way Past Student Loans By David N. Bass 
The Tragedy Of The American Farmer, Revealed In A Craiglist "For Sale" Post
Timeline reveals Bergdahl was a cover story for Obama
A Tale of Two Budgets: Democratic Socialism vs. Capitalist Prosperity 
-Bill O’Reilly – “Totalitarian Left” Is “Out of Control” in America, The Media “Sympathizes With The Fascists” 
-EPA Hiring Storytelling Trainers to Increase ‘Inclusiveness’
-Watchdog: Clinton Skirting FEC Regulations
-Eight Reps. Ask Senate to Reject Lynch as AG
-ATF’s Recent Gun Raid Wasn’t on Just Any Gun Shop
-The Backlash Against Obama’s Committing US to International Climate Agreement
 Iran Triumphant: Nuclear Deal Capitulates To Nearly All Iranian Demands
 Iran Brags About Nuke Concessions
 Israel: Nuclear Deal Is Capitulation To Iranian Dictates

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Random Links April 01 15

-Chinese Retail Investors Open Enough Brokerage Accounts In March For Every Man, Woman, and Child In LA
-China Sharply Boosts Cyber Warfare Funding
-The Palestinians Have Officially Joined the International Criminal Court. What the US Should Do.
-Obama Comes to His Senses on Egypt
-Exposed: Obama’s, Muslim Brotherhood’s Orchestration Of Arab Spring, Benghazi
The War on the Private Mind 
Wanted: A Color-Blind Voting Rights Law
Government Coercion Isn’t A Libertarian Value 
Who Really Trashes the Liberal Arts? Thomas Sowell
The 'Honest Conversation on Race' Trap
5 Charts Which Show That The Next Economic Crash Is Dead Ahead
America Needs To Stop Jailing So Many Non-Violent Offenders
-Obama Administration Wants to Regulate the Advice From Retirement Planners 
-Obama Issues Executive Order to Impose Sanctions on Hackers
 -Justice Department Lets Lois Lerner Off the Hook, Won’t Pursue Criminal Contempt Charges
-Feds refusing to show cards in McDonald's case |
-Thousands of Illegal Minors Caught At Border Each Month; Most Released Into U.S., Report Shows
  Death of Free Association
Hands up, don’t discriminate against gays!
Freedom of Association Is Burned at the Stake in Indiana 
The Left wages total war; and then plays victim |
Dear America: Stop Pretending To Be Offended By Everything 
Indiana’s Law Is Not the Return of Jim Crow, Jonah Goldberg