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Random Links March 31 15

Fall Of The West
Multiculturalism’s Denigration of Western Values
Western Democracy Or Tyrannical Dictatorship? You Decide
The End of Tolerance And Enforced Morality
 Right of Free Association
-The New Intolerance: We Are Now Required To Embrace Just About Everything, Except the Gutter Religion Christianity
-‘How Obscene Has Our Country Become?’: Beck Fears This Could Happen as a Result of Religious Freedom Law
-Indiana Backlash Shows Left’s Hatred for First Amendment
-Gay Marriage Isn’t About Justice, It’s About Selma Envy 
-Corporations Can’t Have Consciences, Unless They Oppose Mike Pence
-In Defense of Indiana, Rich Lowry 
  Forcing Unions
NLRB Rolls Out Ambush Elections Regs at SEIU HQ
Obama Vetoes Attempt to Halt Ambush Elections 
 Prosecutor Held Hostage in Istanbul by Armed Banned Socialist Group Has Died:
 Russia Again Flight Tests New ICBM to Treaty-Violating Range
 Immigration Takes Center Stage in UK Elections
 Obama’s Other Executive Action on Immigration
 Obama’s Plan to Slash US Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Nearly 30 Percent 
 Obama Administration Blocks Secret Service From Meeting With Congress
 Justice Dept. Sues University In OK For Discriminating Against Transgender Employee
Justice Department Curbs Use of Asset Forfeiture to Seize Bank Accounts
 The Mess
-Reid: No Regrets for 2012 Romney Taxes Claim‘Romney Didn’t Win, Did He?’
-Mayor de Blasio Was Just Given the Power to ‘Expel’ Dozens of Churches From Renting Public School Space. But…
-How 'Net Neutrality' Is Recipe for Crony Capitalism
-When lawmakers don't even know how many laws exist, how can citizens be expected to follow them? - Maggie's Farm
What ‘Justified’ Really Says About Modern Manhood And Westerns 
Accuracy in the Information Age
Obama’s Chicago Presidency Victor Davis Hanson 794Shares
An Unconscionable Smear: Israel, Race, and the American Left
Obama’s Coming Break with Israel
 Iran Defector: Time Will Reveal True Motive Behind America's Decision to 'Negotiate on Iran's Behalf' - Breitbart

Random Links March 30 15

Religious Freedom
…Constitutionally ‘Valid’ For People to Refuse Service to Gay Marriages
Liberals Have Discarded Religious Liberty
Mike Pence wimps out on Religious Freedom Act
3 Ways the Radical Left Will Target Christians After Same-Sex Marriage
Beck ‘Hypocrisy From Those Who Are Always Preaching Diversity
-Army Personnel Receive Message Advising Them to Guard Identities, Homes Against Islamic State
-Fears of martial law as special ops set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise | Daily Mail Online
-Pentagon: Thousands of Pieces of ‘Advanced Hardware’ Issued to U.S. Military Forces Lost, Listed For Sale on eBay | TheBlaze.com
-Lt. Gen. Flynn – “Incredible Policy Confusion” While There Is A Complete Breakdown of Order in the Mid-East 
-Beyond ISIS, Kurdistan Faces Internal Crisis
 -Opportunistic Erdogan Makes A Move – Report Claims Turkey Aiding Al Nusra in Syria….
-Ukraine Cracks Down on Oligarchs and Volunteer Fighting Battalions
-Japan "Wakes Up," Joins China-led Development Bank (And Then Backs Out)
United Kingdom
Rotherham: Complaints Made Against 42 Officers
UK: Campaign begins for most unpredictable election in decades
Iran getting Nuclear Weapons
 -…IAEA Report Proves Iran Was Researching Nuclear Missiles
 -Iran Defector: United States' Role at Iranian Nuke Talks Is Chiefly to Serve as the "Spokesman" For Iran to the Rest of the Parties
 -Expert: There Are Alternatives to Having No Iran Deal, ‘Mistake’ To Imply Only Option is War

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Random Links March 27 15

Iran Getting Nuclear Weapons
NBC’s Engel: US allies fear Obama admin leaking information to Iran « Hot Air
Obama’s Incompetence Causing Nuclear Arms Race In The Middle East
Doug Ross @ Journal: Obama-Iran Nuke Deal Keeps Getting Crazier
NBC Journalist Is Asked What He Thinks About Obama’s Policy in Iran. 
Fordow and Obama’s Iran March of Folly
Krauthammer: Obama Iran Policy ‘Delusional’
Obama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal
-On Her Majesty's Personal Secret Service: Hacked Hillary/Blumenthal Emails Reveal She Was Being Fed Intelligence By Her Own Private Spy Service
-House Furious: Hillary 'Wiped Clean' Server, Emails Permanently Deleted 
-Trey Gowdy Reveals the Big News He ‘Learned Today’ About Hillary Emails
-Friday Night Dump: Kerry Wants State Dept. Review of Records-Keeping Practices Amid Hillary Email Scandal
The Mess
-The True Facts About Religious Freedom Laws
-North Dakota Vote Puts the U.S. One Step Closer to Convention of States
-Bill Maher’s Epic Uncensored Rant Against ‘Deeply Stupid’ PC Liberals: ‘Media Matters…Shut the F*** Up’
-Italy’s Highest Court Overturns Amanda Knox Murder Conviction, Closing Legal Saga
-Jeb Bush Won’t Rebuke Adviser for Bashing Israel
-New York Times Ed Board Member Questions Whether GOP More Loyal to Israel than United States
-Santelli Stunned As Janet Yellen Admits "Cash Is Not A Store Of Value"
-It's Official: Americans Spent All Their "Gas Savings" On Obamacare
Obama Snubs NATO Chief In Face Of Rising Russian Threat - Investors.com

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Random Links March 26

War In The Middle East
-The Yemen Mess Is Sparking a Full-Fledged Regional War 
-Saudi Arabian Intervention in Yemen Is Good News for U.S. 
-Intelligence Files on U.S. Operations in Yemen Looted by Iran-Backed Rebels: Report
-U.S. Airstrikes in Tikrit Aid Iranian Shiite Militias While Their Commanders Remain On Global Terrorist List
-Chaos in Iraq | The Weekly Standard
-Josh Earnest Couldn’t Even Convince an MSNBC Panel to Believe What He Was Saying on Live TV
Iran To Get Nuclear Weapons
-U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together 
-Another Obama Concession to Iran: Hundreds Centrifuges in Fortified Underground Bunker
White House Confirms Iran Deal Probably Won't Be In Writing - Conn Carroll
The Conversation About Iran Obama Wants 
Middle East Think
Max Boot: Obama Vacating US Influence in Middle East
The United States Of Islam – Dinesh Was Right!
Needed: An Islamic Reformati
Reforming Islam | The American Spectator
In A Fit Of Revenge, Obama Declassifies Israeli Nuclear Program
Terrorist Intelligence Operations Are Forming, Gaining on the FBI
NATO Intercepts Russian Warplanes as US Convoy Enters Poland
Europeans Agree to Counter Russian Propaganda War
House and Senate Pressure President Obama to Send Military Aid to Ukraine
 -The House just voted to bust the balanced budget plan it approved less than 24 hours ago
-GOP: Let Us Show You Our Commitment To "Governing" By Adding Hundreds Of Billions Dollars To The National Debt
-Eleanor Holmes Norton Doesn’t Think We Have the Right to Know When Our President Is Selling Us Down the River | www.independentsentinel.com
-Tense: GOP Rep. Quickly Snaps Back at FCC Chief After He Claims Decades-Old Law Permits Net Neutrality
-DRAMA: Menendez Won’t Decide on Lynch Until ‘She Gets to The Floor’
-Watchdog Asks DOJ to Investigate Reid, McAuliffe Over Immigration Favoritism
-DHS Won’t Fire a Top Official Who Did Political Favors for Democrats Because ‘We Need to Move On’

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Random Links March 25 15

Iran Refuses to Sign Written Nuclear Deal
Obama Admin Declassifies Top-Secret Doc Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Secrets
How China Turned Obama Into its Useful Green Idiot
Putin Security Council Slams Obama Attempts At "New World Order"
Is It Time To Bring Back Letters Of Marque?
From Iraq to Nigeria: How Mercenaries Are Changing Warfare — The Atlantic
The Gestapo is Alive and Well in Obama’s America
Dictates From The Dictator – A Baker’s Dozen
Are Obama And Democrats Now Targeting Lawful Businesses?
Can Obama Serve Another Term?
IG Report: Reid More Involved in Visa Controversy Than Previously Known
Report: Va. governor received special treatment from Homeland Security 
Our Undemocratic Teachers Unions
How The Education System Destroys Social Networks
The New 'McCarthyism' Exists, but It Has Nothing to Do with Ted Cruz
The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen In A Police State Is A Dead One
The Best Reason I'm Wrong On Gay Marriage
Lessons From The German Hyperinflation Of The 1920s
The World after America Conrad Black 
The Mess
-The Washington Post Sugarcoats Obama's Communist Mentor
-The New York Times Should Seriously Consider Not Writing About Science Anymore
-Pro-Amnesty Rep. Luis GutiƩrrez Run Off Stage By Concerned Patriots

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Random March 23 15

Another argument for a Sunday post

-Defense Spending, Development Bank Fray US-UK Special Relationship
-Hillary Clinton: The US Should Emulate Socialist Germany and Pay Companies to Keep On Unneeded Workers
-Britain Surrenders | FrontPage Magazine
Executive Transformation
Beware The Obama – Final Stages Of Fundamental Change….
Regime Change: America's Failing Weapon Of International Deception
Surviving Socialism: Considerations For American Patriots
Don’t Get Distracted . We Still Have 22 Months Left of Obama’s Presidency.
Justice Department Rolls Out An Early Form Of Capital Controls In America
FEMA to deny funds to warming deniers
Fast and Furious Cover-up Rewarded in Appointment of New ATF Director
Gutcheck: In Praise of the Unheard Musician - Breitbart
Stop Equality-Mongering Before It Destroys Us
The Great American Racial Divide
Republicans Should Stop Promoting ‘Laboratories of Democracy’
Hugh Hewitt’s Defense Budget Litmus Test Misses The Point 
Let’s Be Two Americas: The Case for Federalism
The Gawker Veto
Check Your Privilege Theory
The Mess
Breitbart Chairman: Glenn Beck is Right in His Bill of Indictment of the GOP
H-1B Immigration Battle: Ignorance Has A Severe Penalty
Higher Education Arrogantly Ignoring its Problems

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Ferguson. the Numbers are not Rasist

Ferguson's problems are statist corruption not racism. This is the second half.

 Obama Slams ‘Oppressive, Abusive Situation’ Imposed by Ferguson Police
 “What we saw was that the Ferguson Police Department, in conjunction with the municipality, saw traffic stops, arrests, tickets as a revenue generator as opposed to serving the community and that it systematically was biased against African Americans in that city who were stopped, harassed, mistreated, abused, called names, fined, and then it was structured that they would get caught up in paying more and more fines that they couldn’t afford to pay or that were difficult for them to pay, which raised the amount of additional money they had to pay,” Obama said. “It was an oppressive and abusive situation.”
On the Kelly File an old point was made. If you go looking for racism (in this case) and you try hard enough you'll find it. Compound that with an other old saying; there are lies, damn lies, and statistics you get racism every where.
The Disparate Impact Racket
 “Disparate impact” statistics have been used for decades, in many different contexts, to claim that discrimination is the reason why different groups are not equally represented as employees or in desirable positions or — as in this case — in undesirable positions as people arrested or fined."
This kind of tyranny is in law under the cover of disparate impact. The Supreme Court has largely up held this  as discrimination.
 "The implicit assumption is that without “discriminatory intent,” these statistics would reflect the percentages of people in the population. But no matter how plausible that outcome might seem on the surface, it is seldom found in real life, and those who use this standard are seldom, if ever, asked to produce hard evidence that it is factually correct, as distinct from politically correct."
Those of us who live with in St. Louis Metro Area (any thing within an hours drive of St. Louis and Ferguson) consider Ferguson as part of St.Louis.
 McGraw Milhaven told Bill O'Reilly that Ferguson is not in a corn field. There is no separation of Ferguson and the Surrounding city. The percentage of blacks in Ferguson is Completely irrelevant. Just look at a map, please.
"He notes that blacks accounted for 85% of vehicle stops, "despite comprising only 67% of Ferguson's population," while whites made up 15% of stops, despite representing 29% of the population.

So there you have it, a slam-dunk case of racism, right? Hardly.
Outrageously, the nation's top prosecutor failed to control for factors that explain the racial "disparity" in traffic stops, such as speeding, DUI, expired license plates, headlight, seat-belt and child-restraint violations and other reasons for being pulled over.

Holder's own department statistics show that African Americans, on average, violate speeding and other traffic laws at much greater rates than whites."
Lies, damn lies and statistics. Who gets control now?
"The Justice Department now is in talks with city officials about enacting the 26 recommendations made in the report, and U.S. officials said they’re optimistic that changes can be made to repair relations in the community."
"Justice Department officials characterized the meeting as productive and said that the Ferguson officials, including the city’s mayor and police chief, seemed genuinely interested in enacting changes. The officials, who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity, said that Ferguson has already taken some steps to address the issues.
There was no deadline to reach a settlement. If an agreement can’t be reached, the Justice Department can file a federal lawsuit seeking to force changes.
In the past six years, the officials said, the department has opened 20 investigations of police departments and entered 15 such settlement agreements."

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Randon Links March 10 15

   Foreign Policy
Defector: North Korean Troops Starving
A Hollow Victory in Tikrit 
7 Times Democrats Advised America’s Enemies to Oppose the President
Tanks, Armor To Latvia As Nuland "Confirms" Russia Delivering Weapons
More Russian Tanks, Equipment Cross Ukraine Border
 Navy Chaplain Punished For Sharing Biblical Views
 The Navy Just 'Lost' 9 Ships From The Fleet 
 -‘Stop It. Just Stop It.’: Beck Goes Off on ‘Open Carry Parades’ Just to ‘Antagonize’ Police2nd Amend.
 -ATF Announces It’s Delaying Ammo Ban After Getting Over 80,000 Comments…But Seems to Leave the Door Open
Common Core Testing in This State is Not Optional
Mom Has To Call 911 Over Common Core Test 
This is Why Teachers Are So Frustrated Commentary
 The Disparate Impact Racket
 Ferguson City Manager Out After Justice Department Report 
    The Mess
EPA Scrambles To Finish 'Global Warming' Regs 
The Parties of Crony Capitalism and Corruption
Reagan Idea Could Reform Invisible Bureaucracy
Should Pro-Life Organizations Be Forced to Hire Pro-Choice Employees?
City Repeatedly Tickets Man For Failing to Shovel His Sidewalk. Man Does Not Have a Sidewalk.
    And Hillary
 -Holder Used Secret Email Address, Too…

Ferguson, the Police where Right

The first night of the rioting \ demonstrating the police where right to show force.
To do what was done after that was irresponsible. Apparently its common knowledge among larger police forces not to give demonstration the time to heat up.
Rudy Giuliani Tells Megyn Kelly How He Would Handle Ferguson Riots
   They allowed a cooling off period, or a venting period. Remember all that time that rocks were being thrown and cars were being over-turned and windows were being broken and the police were backing off?
At times the cops stood by as private property was not only broken into but burned. That is why the anti militarization people are wrong.  The clear message should be say what you want, protest all you want. However, the second you throw things, damage property, steal, set fire, or commit violence the arrests and use of tear gas, shields, rubber bullets, ect. will immediately follow.

That is common sense to me. That is not to say that every federal agency or medium size town needs a swat team or armored personal carrier. On that the anti-militarization people are right. There are times those resources are necessary. Why can't they be shared and used when needed? Why is it a matter or course to run raids at night or to have a shoot the family pet first ask question latter?
The proliferation of paramilitary federal SWAT teams inevitably brings abuses that have nothing to do with either drugs or terrorism. Many of the raids they conduct are against harmless, often innocent, Americans who typically are accused of non-violent civil or administrative violations.
The overreach off police shooting dogs and arresting people for asking questions or filming gives fuel to those  who would and have at times restrained them to the point of uselessness. Police are the stick or crook not the shepherd.  The shepherds are the politicians, our supposed leaders. They have allowed this, even encouraged it. The shepherds in Ferguson used their crooks to collect money it would seem. It has nothing to do with militarization or racism. It is the acceptance of the small corruptions that hid the destruction of the under lying system. Once in a while the cover must be maintained.
 The Missouri Supreme Court said it is assigning state appeals Judge Roy Richter to hear all of Ferguson’s pending and future municipal court cases. The high court said Richter also will have the authority to overhaul court policies to ensure defendants’ rights are respected and to “restore the integrity of the system.”

Random Links March 09 15

   The Mess
Doug Ross: Life Under the American Umbrella
Nobody Can Make Sense of Economists - Maggie's Farm
Open Carry Confrontation With Police: ‘I’m Talking to You, Tough Guy’
Dems propose a new federal agency: The Department of Peacebuilding
EPA Imposes Its Ban on 80% of Wood Stoves, Fireplaces Are Not Far Behind
Brian Williams Killed Stories Damaging to Obama
State Department to Be Slammed With FOIA Lawsuits
Feds Have Social Security Numbers for 6.5 Million 112 Year Olds on File
WH Ordered Back to Court to Explain False Amnesty Claims
Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Likely to Get Social Security
Border Union Chief on Terrorist: “…I Guarantee It Will Be Worse Than 9/11″ 
-Obama's Sharia-compliant Truce With Iran
-As Kerry Begs Iran For Deal, Tehran Developing New Long-Range Missile That When Fired From Submarines Could Hit The United States
-With ISIS Threat, It's a Mistake to Not Spend More on Weapons
-GOP Senators Write Letter to Iran: Any Deal Not Approved by Congress Won’t Stand
-White House, Senate Dems Trash GOP Letter To Iran
-Obama Accuses Republicans of Having ‘Common Cause’ With Hardliners in Iran 
 -Letters to the Editor: Who's to Blame for GOP's Failure to Stop Obama's Immigration Actions?
 -'We Lost Because' Dems, White House 'Outsmarted Ineffective GOP Leadership'
   Hillary - please make her go away
-Benghazi Investigator Trey Gowdy: ‘Huge Gaps’ in Hillary Clinton’s Emails -Seven Wealthy Men Keeping Their Money at the Scandal-Plagued HSBC Have Donated/Bribed $81 Million to Hillary Clinton's Bribery Storefront
-Gawker’s John Cook Tells CNN He Alerted Josh Earnest In 2013 About Hillary Email Account | The Last Refuge
 -List Growing Of Those Comparing Hillary To Nixon

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Social Terraforming or Conspiracy

 One might call it electoral terraforming, like turning Colorado blue. This is the US government with progressive groups and the UN using corrosion to change the make up of areas across the country.
"The author writes, “Change on this scale is never easy, neither for immigrants nor for the communities into which they settle, referred to as “receiving communities.” The booklet is designed to teach others of like mind how to convince citizens to accept and adapt. It’s loaded with resources as well."
 It is possible this fell from a black helicopter. I am of the "three people can only keep a secret if two are dead" and the "don't blame on conspiracy what you can blame on incompetence" camps. It makes the following very hard not to just ignore.
“Country Within a Country” Toolkit for Developing “Receiving Communities” 
 'Sixteen White House officials, including a top advisor to Barack Obama, Cecilia Munoz, recently joined open borders groups in conference calls to brainstorm plans to form a country within a country comprised of immigrants who would eventually become the new Americans, overshadowing citizens. In order to make this happen, they must have “receiving communities”.'
It's really just poor labeling, they misspoke.
 Some of us first heard the term “New Americans” in lieu of the term illegal immigrants in April 2013 when it was used in the Senate immigration bill. The bill for all intents and purposes abolished the terms “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant,” substituting “registered new Americans.” The “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” was to be called the “Office of Citizenship and New Americans.”
President Obama has recently taken to calling immigrants, including illegal immigrants, “Americans-in-waiting.”
They are Alinskyites. Language is a weapon. So this is just a half baked trial balloon from a small rouge group appropriating the language.
It’s a form of messaging and arguably propaganda, something we see emphasized in the “toolkit” for developing “receiving communities” put out by Welcoming America, a group funded by George Soros’ Center for American Progress and the JM Kaplan Fund. The JM Kaplan Fund was one of the extremely left wing groups that has been and continues to pay out thousands to identify every group on the right as a “hate group.”
Welcoming America’s handbook or toolkit, Receiving Communities Toolkit – Welcoming Americaoutlines the tactics that can be employed to transform communities.
The snarl of incestuous progressive groups plotting in the background is not new.  As well bureaucrats are always cooking up some unworkable nonsense that never dies but never gets implemented. Today the two work together, the press cover little, congress and the supreme court will not stop it and executive bureaucrats have been taught well that they can get away with it. Conspiracy never really worry me. Like minded people untethered from reality with no one watching that does. And the UN is helping, that's a good sign.
"The Obama administration is encouraging far more expansive immigration through illegal immigration and asylum seeking.
Refugees are worth special note because they get immediate income, housing, food, clothing, medical care, education, and a pathway to citizenship.
The U.N. is screening most of the refugees coming into the United States and it is an organization that has never been known for its support of the United States. It is a gathering place for some of the world’s worst dictators.
The spring institute for cultural learning referred to in the toolkit is part of Soros ’Reform Immigration for America. They receive large federal and local grants as do all these leftist open borders groups. In other words, you get to pay for your own “country within a country”."

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Random Links March 05 15

Obama White House trying to reverse GOP takeover of state-level government

    Obama Law - Ferguson Statist not Racist
-Everyone Is Guilty: The Eric Holder Challenge: Can you find a city where blacks aren’t arrested more often? - The Unz Review
-Holder Frames Ferguson PD For Racism Using Bogus 'Disparate Impact' Stats 
-Eric Holder Uses Bogus “Disparate Impact” Statistics To Frame DOJ Ferguson Report
-Whod Have Thought? Justice Department Targets Ferguson Police Department For Court-Enforced Conversion to Obama-style Policing
-Listen to Answer Senator Gets When He Asks Obama’s EPA Chief If Climate Change Temperature Models Have Been Accurate
-Air Force Announces ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Initiatives to Recruit More Women | Washington Free Beacon
-White House Call Participants Want To Change 'Thanksgiving Day' To 'Celebrate Immigrants Day' By Executive Order
-Another Fishy Regulation | Cato @ Liberty
-Did the Obama Administration Lie to a Federal Judge about Amnesty?
   Foreign Policy 
 After Iran Nukes Israel, Is New York Next?
 U.S. Cutting Intelligence Cooperation With Israel | Truth Revolt
 Third Gaza War Averted Largest Terror Attack On Israel Ever
 The Constitution has Failed | RedState Via  Maggie's Farm
 Ignore "a broken system" and Worry About The Broken System
 Why The Twenty-First Will Not Be The Chinese Century
 Just Saying No Isn't Enough
 Why Politicians Are Right To Refuse to Take the Anti-Tax Pledge

Random Links March 04 15

   Hillary 2016
The Undoing of the Political Class at The Z Blog
7 Questions About Hillary’s Secret Emails
…AP May Sue over Stonewalled FOIA Requests–up to 5 Years Old!
Above the Law: Hillary’s Off-the-Books Mail Server Was in Her House
    Net Neutrality
Europe to Vote on Less Strict Net Neutrality Rules…
According to two FCC commissioners, those new regulations are bad all around
    Foreign Policy
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Infiltration Of The American Government
Netanyahu’s Speech Insult to Blacks 
Does it Matter if Iran’s Leaders Aren’t Suicidal?
   Obama Law
Obama Police Task Force Report Includes Worrying Recommendation
Eric Holder Presents Finding of Both DOJ Ferguson Investigations
Ferguson Cops Reply To Eric Holder's #FergusonReport - GotNews
AG Eric Holder: Ferguson 'Under Assault and Under Siege' by Cops
The Kings Road
Grading the Rubio-Lee Tax Reform Plan | Cato @ Liberty
Reform the Clean Air Act

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Random Links March 03 15

 “Country Within a Country” Toolkit for Developing “Receiving Communities”
"The groups developing the “receiving communities” are not encouraging refugees and other immigrants to fit into your cities and towns, they are working on you, the “receiving community” to make you more “welcoming” to the foreign cultures coming your way."
   First three Larwyn's links
Obama's Executive Amnesty is Much, Much Worse than You Think | RedState
Obama Unveils National ObamaPolicing Plan | The Daily Caller
Criminal Administration: Now Claiming He’ll Raise Taxes By Executive Order
   GOP Surrender
 -Obama Dares GOP: Go Ahead, ‘Have a Vote on Whether What I’m Doing Is Legal…I Will Veto’ | MRCTV
 -‘We were never going to win’: House GOP caves on immigration 
 -Boehner Tells Defeated House GOP: ‘We All Need To Be Team Players And Support Each Other’
 -BREAKING: Boehner-Led House Just Bowed To Obama With This Massive Change For America
 -It's Over: Boehner, Boehner's Establishment Allies, and Democrats Unite to Fund Obama's Executive Amnesty
   Choke Point
 Audio: Obama Admin Is 'Going After' Gun Dealers | The Daily Caller
 Phone Recording Shows Targeting of Tobacco Business 
 Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu
 Ted Cruz Hints That Obama Is Acting Like Neville Chamberlain.
 Iran Calls Obama’s 10-Year Nuclear Demand ‘Unacceptable’
    Supreme Court
 Liberals Try to Intimidate Roberts Court in King. Burwell case
 Supreme Court gives tacit approval for government to take anybody’s DNA 
    Obama Law
 Obama pressing for federal control of local police
 Holders Damaging Disparate Impact Gambit

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Random Links March 02 15

The blue pill only works if you take it before? Right? Maybe I'm asleep
Obama Law
   Obama Unveils National ObamaPolicing Plan | The Daily Caller
   Eric Holder: “Lets Lower Standard Of Proof” To Bring Civil Rights Charges
Obama Citizens
   "Whistle Blower" Tells Mark Levin How Our Country Is Being Taken Over
   “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans"
Obama W-2
     Obama ‘Very Interested’ in Possibility of Taking Action on Tax Hikes
     Where’s Our Simon de Montfort at The Z Blog
DOJ Shut Down Search For Lerner's Emails | The Daily Caller
Choke Point ‘Is the Beginning of a Real Tyranny in the United States’ 
Federal Worker Raided Student Data For Identity Theft | The Daily Caller
White House Is Justifying Trying to Ban Certain Ammo Without Congress 
    The Mess
-The End of an Error: My Reign on ‘Red Eye’
-Google Develops System For Ranking 'Trustworthiness' Of Websites
-How These Two Government Programs for Farmers Could Hurt You
-What Homeschool Mom Thinks About How the Government Regulates Homeschooling 
-Judge Slams EPA for Discriminating Against Conservative Group
-Pentagon – About That Major Campaign In Iraq, On Mosul, We talked About Last Week: ‘Well, Um,.. Nevermind”…
-The Case for the Warthog
 Revealed: Hillary Clinton Possibly Violated Federal Rules During Tenure as Secretary of State | TheBlaze.com
 **NYT Shock Report** Hillary Sent Every Official Email as Sec. of State from a Private Account
 Articles: Is it okay for Obama to Ignore the Constitution?
 The Cartman Presidency: There Is No Check On President Obama