Monday, March 9, 2015

Social Terraforming or Conspiracy

 One might call it electoral terraforming, like turning Colorado blue. This is the US government with progressive groups and the UN using corrosion to change the make up of areas across the country.
"The author writes, “Change on this scale is never easy, neither for immigrants nor for the communities into which they settle, referred to as “receiving communities.” The booklet is designed to teach others of like mind how to convince citizens to accept and adapt. It’s loaded with resources as well."
 It is possible this fell from a black helicopter. I am of the "three people can only keep a secret if two are dead" and the "don't blame on conspiracy what you can blame on incompetence" camps. It makes the following very hard not to just ignore.
“Country Within a Country” Toolkit for Developing “Receiving Communities” 
 'Sixteen White House officials, including a top advisor to Barack Obama, Cecilia Munoz, recently joined open borders groups in conference calls to brainstorm plans to form a country within a country comprised of immigrants who would eventually become the new Americans, overshadowing citizens. In order to make this happen, they must have “receiving communities”.'
It's really just poor labeling, they misspoke.
 Some of us first heard the term “New Americans” in lieu of the term illegal immigrants in April 2013 when it was used in the Senate immigration bill. The bill for all intents and purposes abolished the terms “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant,” substituting “registered new Americans.” The “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” was to be called the “Office of Citizenship and New Americans.”
President Obama has recently taken to calling immigrants, including illegal immigrants, “Americans-in-waiting.”
They are Alinskyites. Language is a weapon. So this is just a half baked trial balloon from a small rouge group appropriating the language.
It’s a form of messaging and arguably propaganda, something we see emphasized in the “toolkit” for developing “receiving communities” put out by Welcoming America, a group funded by George Soros’ Center for American Progress and the JM Kaplan Fund. The JM Kaplan Fund was one of the extremely left wing groups that has been and continues to pay out thousands to identify every group on the right as a “hate group.”
Welcoming America’s handbook or toolkit, Receiving Communities Toolkit – Welcoming Americaoutlines the tactics that can be employed to transform communities.
The snarl of incestuous progressive groups plotting in the background is not new.  As well bureaucrats are always cooking up some unworkable nonsense that never dies but never gets implemented. Today the two work together, the press cover little, congress and the supreme court will not stop it and executive bureaucrats have been taught well that they can get away with it. Conspiracy never really worry me. Like minded people untethered from reality with no one watching that does. And the UN is helping, that's a good sign.
"The Obama administration is encouraging far more expansive immigration through illegal immigration and asylum seeking.
Refugees are worth special note because they get immediate income, housing, food, clothing, medical care, education, and a pathway to citizenship.
The U.N. is screening most of the refugees coming into the United States and it is an organization that has never been known for its support of the United States. It is a gathering place for some of the world’s worst dictators.
The spring institute for cultural learning referred to in the toolkit is part of Soros ’Reform Immigration for America. They receive large federal and local grants as do all these leftist open borders groups. In other words, you get to pay for your own “country within a country”."

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