Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random Links March 09 15

   The Mess
Doug Ross: Life Under the American Umbrella
Nobody Can Make Sense of Economists - Maggie's Farm
Open Carry Confrontation With Police: ‘I’m Talking to You, Tough Guy’
Dems propose a new federal agency: The Department of Peacebuilding
EPA Imposes Its Ban on 80% of Wood Stoves, Fireplaces Are Not Far Behind
Brian Williams Killed Stories Damaging to Obama
State Department to Be Slammed With FOIA Lawsuits
Feds Have Social Security Numbers for 6.5 Million 112 Year Olds on File
WH Ordered Back to Court to Explain False Amnesty Claims
Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Likely to Get Social Security
Border Union Chief on Terrorist: “…I Guarantee It Will Be Worse Than 9/11″ 
-Obama's Sharia-compliant Truce With Iran
-As Kerry Begs Iran For Deal, Tehran Developing New Long-Range Missile That When Fired From Submarines Could Hit The United States
-With ISIS Threat, It's a Mistake to Not Spend More on Weapons
-GOP Senators Write Letter to Iran: Any Deal Not Approved by Congress Won’t Stand
-White House, Senate Dems Trash GOP Letter To Iran
-Obama Accuses Republicans of Having ‘Common Cause’ With Hardliners in Iran 
 -Letters to the Editor: Who's to Blame for GOP's Failure to Stop Obama's Immigration Actions?
 -'We Lost Because' Dems, White House 'Outsmarted Ineffective GOP Leadership'
   Hillary - please make her go away
-Benghazi Investigator Trey Gowdy: ‘Huge Gaps’ in Hillary Clinton’s Emails -Seven Wealthy Men Keeping Their Money at the Scandal-Plagued HSBC Have Donated/Bribed $81 Million to Hillary Clinton's Bribery Storefront
-Gawker’s John Cook Tells CNN He Alerted Josh Earnest In 2013 About Hillary Email Account | The Last Refuge
 -List Growing Of Those Comparing Hillary To Nixon

-White House Admits Obama Emailed Hillary’s Private Address
-The Benghazi Committee’s Belated Interest in Hillary’s Hidden E-mails 
-Gowdy: Hillary’s Lawyer Referred Us to State Dept for Emails
-Paper Tigress - WSJ Via Ace
-Blog: How might Hillary Clinton launder money?
-Fournier to Carville: ‘The 90s Are Calling, They Want Their PR Tactics Back’
-Kurtz: Carville’s Hillary Defense ‘Farcical’
-Andrea Mitchell Repeatedly Fact-Checks James Carville’s Ridiculous Spin on Clinton Scandals
  Beck Highlights Alarming Parallels Between Present-Day Russia and Germany Pre-World War II | Video | TheBlaze.com
 Lenin Meets Corleone
Articles: DOJ to Ferguson: Adopt Strategy That Killed Trayvon
Missouri Appeals Court to Take Over All Ferguson Cases | TheBlaze.com 
Blog: Teacher admits he wrote Common Core to end white privilege
 Student Blasts Her College’s ‘Thought Police’ and Political Correctness That’s ‘Reached the Level of Crazy’ | TheBlaze.com
 How Colleges' Focus on Multiculturalism Can Foster Anti-Semitism
 Iran and the Perils of One-Man Rule
 Articles: Islamist Barbarism At The Gate
 The Article Five Solution – Demystifying a Dusty Tool
 Articles: The Democrats' Thugocracy
 The others
 Ace of Spades HQ Monday Morning News Dump
 Monday morning links - Maggie's Farm
 Larwyn's Linx: Next! Can we finally—finally!—be done with the Clintons?

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