Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama's Speech

Let's compare it to a warm bowl of oatmeal. It went like this: i loved my father and he loved me. he died. I met Barrack, married him and we had kids. Like that only mushier.

The there is the work hard to shape the world to our ideals, the way it should be. Isn't that the goal for most people especially politicians? You tend to hear that from the kind of radical sixty's types, or the wannabes. i got the sense their idea is that of the 60's and 70's radicals, a socialist agenda.

The Clinton 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling comment. She's not the first to say it but it is still crap! To me a glass ceiling says their is a lot of resistance. There is not. Just because a woman or a minority hasn't done it does not mean they can't or there is some giant hurdle to get over. It hasn't crossed my mine that either couldn't do the job. It is a disgrace. Those who fought in the trenches, face harassment are worse to hold a job are the ones who broke down walls. NOT Clinton and not Obama.

They are trying to say they are just like us and it is crap on both sides. She didn't mention the collages they went to, law degree, big house, Barrack went to Africa and the Middle East when he was young, and so on.

I did not grow up in the 60's or 70's. i don't have a law degree, big house, didn't go abroad in my youth and am not a Socialist!

If they are trying to humanize Obama put his wife and the not radical friends of his on every talk show they can that would do far more good, they really should have started it last Friday and over the week end.

Warm bowl of plain old mushy oatmeal.

And those are not raisins.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia's Right to Self Determination, What You Really Need to Know

The current situation is described hear with good maps and the like.
Russian troops roll deep into Georgia, break truce Right to self determination

I haven't found a good descriptions of the detail on the back and forth that lead to this. There are some conflicting reporting. Glen Beck layed it out fairly well. There is this:
Georgia-Russia Conflict Intensifies

Q&A: Russia-Georgia Conflict Has Deep Roots

CNN yesterday said that what you really need to know is that their is an oil pipe line running though the country. That's the very shot term what is going to effect us in the next month or so.

What you really need to know is that Russia and China are after power and influence.
Russia through energy and China through economics. They aren't doing it by being kind and generous.
Being on the hooks and our weakness though weak dollar, energy, military, ect. mean that our right to self determination is going to be all but gone. Georgia will probably loose theirs though force, we will loose ours though inaction an pure suicidal stupidity. More specifically on the Russian side is the possible free reign to do as it pleases with it's former provinces.

The War in Georgia Is a War for the West
Why the Russia-Georgia conflict matters to the West

Self Determinance of Georgia, the West and Us is all important in this conflict not Oil or separatist movement.

Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards and Oh a Russian Invasion

Turned on the new at 2 or so. John Edwards hypocritical, John Edwards this, Edwards that, Russia invades, Edwards Obama, Edwards Wife,. What Russia invaded! For the love of god!

An ongoing invasion trumps over and over again Edward. The Edwards story has been out their for weeks. Does anybody remember the press waiting on the beach when we went into Somalia?

A freak'n invasion. One of the commentators mention that he didn't really think this would lead to a broader European war. Edwards really?

Some hours latter i saw a more in depth story. It is not all that bad for a Russian Invasion I suppose. I does however make us seriously consider who and why we support for independents.
The Russians call their troops peace keepers. Okay sure. The last i heard was the causalities where beginning to mount, and just after less than a day.

Oh and there is Bush Sitting next to Putin. Putin Isn't the leader of Russia any more supposedly. Did things come to a head now Or was there a nice distraction today.

John Edwards if I was not clear, I Don't Care. Funny though the other woman made campaign vids for him.

Openning Ceremonies in China

I will give it to them some of the ceremony was amazing. The raising of the rings, the led scroll and the moving type block. Good stuff. Oh and the membrane or screen around the top, the waterfall amazing, not a word i use often.

Good but i still got a communist feel about it. Like a lack of creativity, more of a rehash of the glory days. The children handing the flag to the soldiers. A symbol of the state granting the future to its children. Really? Sounds communist with a strong hint of dictatorship. No real back stories on the children. Usually there are some sort of heart warming story. Lots of talk about replacing of images. I hope people are not that stupid. They also went to commercial during the Communist part of the little history lesson. There were a lot of commercials? fine when the athletes come in but the artistic part.

Some sort of green one world thing. Fine i hope we get over some of that soon. The surrounding of the children with the TI-Chi master seemed ominous to me. A symbol that all these problem of all the thing that the next generation will have to solve. defeatist and short sighted. Get of our asses and do something. sorry. why don't they cut down on the gym classes and teach Ti-Chi in school hear, sorry side track. It is pretty astonishing what you can do with lots of cheap labor and a autocratic leader.

The slogan of the games, One World One Dream. In context of the game nice thought in the real world and in China a Marxist thought, workers of the world unite? I am A cynic, what can i say.

I think it is a show on China's part and i want none of it.

Oh the lighting of the torch was good, the birds nest is an amazing piece of engineering and looks like crap from the out site, but it does allow for a good show in side.

China and Olympic viewing

After all the security bs from them and their unclear long term international goals i wish to give them no support. It is about the games but if no one watches then maybe they won't be awarded to such countries in the future. When the they where awarded the protest should have been then and not the amount of eggshells that are being walked now.

I have heard that this is the first games outside the US the POTUS has attended. That should have been enough for Bush not to go. If not for that fact it was probably the right thing.

I am watching the opening ceremony just to see if there is any protests of any kind. There coverage seems a little soft on the China side. Proud people, big country, old tradition we get it. Just glaze over the horrific cultural reform of the 50's.

Part of the press was held on the runway a couple of days ago for 3 hrs. to such their equipment. I don't think they were smuggling gun?

Om the security side there is China's All Seeing Eye over at Rolling Stone. It is a little over the top but there is a lot of less reported news in there. My interruption is that the Olympics is more a front to finishing their, regaining control after the Tienanmen Square and making sure it doesn't happen again.

I will get into it more. Ping pong to world domination? Planned from the start?

Hijacking of English Tradition

The hijacking of the word tradition or more to the point traditional. I like the word and the idea behind it but i want to bite my tongue out every time i say it. Dictionary definition goes like this "the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction" Wiki has more of the same. They both have strong religious tones but are not just that. So the way i wash dishs are just as much a tradition as marrage but not as important.

The second point, traditions very in how much they really make any difference. An overall tradition is necessary but not all parts of it are necessary. I usually do dishes cups, bowls, plates silverware, pots, pans. but does it really make any difference? I think that was about how i was taught but does it make much difference. From now one i will think dishes not marriage and the Pope.

My apologies and short posts

My Apologies for my absence, not that anyone's reading, but for future reference. The computer crashed again. The 9 yr old hard drive finally gave up and i have spent several nights fixing that. Before that we had a week of rain and it took awhile to try to get the yard and garden back into a workable state. The garden was planted late so its just starting to produce, picking and canning takes time. Again my apologies.

i have ideas pass through my head all the time. Taking the time to explain the ones of interest and finding references keeps me from posting most of the time. So You know how to work Google by now, find your own references. The other though, well they turn news paper articles or several into books all the time, where does that leave blogs? The way i see it books, magazines, various newspaper articles, columns ect. and then blogs. So i am not writting the other so keep it short and if its not fully fleshed out so be it. I have said it before so i will try again.