Friday, August 8, 2008

Openning Ceremonies in China

I will give it to them some of the ceremony was amazing. The raising of the rings, the led scroll and the moving type block. Good stuff. Oh and the membrane or screen around the top, the waterfall amazing, not a word i use often.

Good but i still got a communist feel about it. Like a lack of creativity, more of a rehash of the glory days. The children handing the flag to the soldiers. A symbol of the state granting the future to its children. Really? Sounds communist with a strong hint of dictatorship. No real back stories on the children. Usually there are some sort of heart warming story. Lots of talk about replacing of images. I hope people are not that stupid. They also went to commercial during the Communist part of the little history lesson. There were a lot of commercials? fine when the athletes come in but the artistic part.

Some sort of green one world thing. Fine i hope we get over some of that soon. The surrounding of the children with the TI-Chi master seemed ominous to me. A symbol that all these problem of all the thing that the next generation will have to solve. defeatist and short sighted. Get of our asses and do something. sorry. why don't they cut down on the gym classes and teach Ti-Chi in school hear, sorry side track. It is pretty astonishing what you can do with lots of cheap labor and a autocratic leader.

The slogan of the games, One World One Dream. In context of the game nice thought in the real world and in China a Marxist thought, workers of the world unite? I am A cynic, what can i say.

I think it is a show on China's part and i want none of it.

Oh the lighting of the torch was good, the birds nest is an amazing piece of engineering and looks like crap from the out site, but it does allow for a good show in side.

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