Friday, August 8, 2008

China and Olympic viewing

After all the security bs from them and their unclear long term international goals i wish to give them no support. It is about the games but if no one watches then maybe they won't be awarded to such countries in the future. When the they where awarded the protest should have been then and not the amount of eggshells that are being walked now.

I have heard that this is the first games outside the US the POTUS has attended. That should have been enough for Bush not to go. If not for that fact it was probably the right thing.

I am watching the opening ceremony just to see if there is any protests of any kind. There coverage seems a little soft on the China side. Proud people, big country, old tradition we get it. Just glaze over the horrific cultural reform of the 50's.

Part of the press was held on the runway a couple of days ago for 3 hrs. to such their equipment. I don't think they were smuggling gun?

Om the security side there is China's All Seeing Eye over at Rolling Stone. It is a little over the top but there is a lot of less reported news in there. My interruption is that the Olympics is more a front to finishing their, regaining control after the Tienanmen Square and making sure it doesn't happen again.

I will get into it more. Ping pong to world domination? Planned from the start?

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