Sunday, July 20, 2008

More of Obama's Imaginary Money

Once again there is a member of the Obama camp talking about spending the savings of ending or not starting the war in Iraq. I am sure they are saying it other times but I saw it on Fox News. What savings? The savings of the payments on the borrowed money? Fine but aren't we borrowing money in part to pay the payments? So is there any extra free money? No No No cut the crap.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jack Cafferty Please Stop.

Mr. Cafferty has been slowly losing any credibility with me as much of CNN has. There reporter from Iraq that has nothing good to say about Iraq ever, no matter what is another prime example.

Reacting to some comment of McCain(I didn't hear it), Cafferty explain that young people pay for the social security of the retired workers, thats the way it work and always has. McCain should know that.

It may be the case that it is how it works but,


The way it works now it is social redistribution of wealth. Socialist crap!

Watching the hole thing now McCain is wright.

If the government had put the money collected from the baby boomers in savings as it where, social security would be just fine now and maybe we could phase it out. Would the Dollar be in the tank if we has all of that money sitting there?

There was another comment by some pundit some months ago. In which they said social security could only be fixed when the checks stop going out.

What kind of defeatist Alice in Wonderland world do we live in.

Iran, a Symbol of our Weakness?

In the news more missile tests from Iran. My gut with them is always give them an ultimatum then attack.

I know we can't. One the oil prices, Congress's fault. Two the lack of military for a full scale invasion. The fault here? Bush 41 and Clinton for the cutting of defense and the illusion of the peace dividend. More acutely the slapstick handling of the current war by the administration.

Two questions. Do the rule mean anything? Iran is part of treaties banning the building of nuclear weapons so if they want nuclear power inspections will follow. There is also a ban on the types of missiles they tested. Is the U.N. going to enforce these things?

Why are we still trading with them? Its not just meds and food. Some of it seems to be shady. We sell to foreign company and they sell to Iran.

Europe negotiated with them for three, four years. So according to the U.N. and the pansy hippie wannabes here what do we do now? Sanctions? For how long? Then what? What do we do if they attack Israel, Iraq, or Afghanistan? What if they start blackmailing us? When if ever do we stand up take the the losses? The further down this road we get do we not stand to lose more and more when we take action?

More than two, but it all really gets under my skin. What we can do.

The broad solutions.
Have A coherent PR Front, thee US at all levels looks like a bunch of winy children.
Energy independence, drill you morons! Allow oil shale and coal liquification, again you freak 'n morons! Yes yes may not be a long term solution but is there another short term one?
Get us out of debt, stop spending money, fix social security ect. Bulk up the military.
The broad solution are hard but help solve many problems.

Iran specifics.
Start with a new stricter sanctions. US companies can sell food and medicine to them only. Let them spend all their time farming just to feed themselves. The President should publicly call out all the companies that aren't following the spirit of this and prosecute those not following the letter of the law.

What we should have been all along is a radio free Europe model on steroids. Media Free Middle East. On the radio, 2-3 stations of music from Europe ans US, one talk from Us one from Europe. Over the air tv, BBC news , CNN International, A TV Land type of station, history international and a History type channel focused on modern marvel type shows and middle east recent history. Honestly cover the overthrow of the Shaw, hostages crisis and the terrorist bombings. From what i can tell there is a lot of recent history that the young just have no clue about.

Take good ides where you can find them.

Children of Jihad at Book TV

and a BCC interview

Good Ideas are out there, you just have to look.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

V Is for Victory not Peace, you Moron!

As most people i don't pay real close attention to much. So once again TV mutes i look up and see genocide in the closed captioning on vh1. Got my attention, unmuted oh Sheryl Crow "Out of our Heads" A remake? i am Not Going to spend the time. Modern day Peace nick. Fine more power to you. Awe People waving two finger peace sigh. Carter, RFK, Fergi, Michel More, Trump?, Other i recognize their names elude me, Truman, Hendrix, Code pink chick, McCartney,Ring, pres of Iran, Arafat, Bush ( image followed by the blood on your hands line). i omitting some. Nice mixing the old footage with the new. Nice trick link it back to Vietnam.

More signs John Lennon, Santana, Yelson, Elvis, Nixon(is that what he was doing i never got it), Churchill, Churchill Fucking Churchill (half way down).

V For Victory You Flaming Moron!

The whole Propaganda video from MTV unfortunately.

Truman For that matter to. One distortion of history I will let slide, it's a popular image of Truman i Didn't really catch it fine. Truman and Churchill. You can not distort history in this way. People are uneducated and miss informed enough. This isn't open for interpretation.

1945 WWII V for Victory Not Peace !

Churchill couldn't get elected as a dog catch now. He'd be labeled a warmonger and not just for his stance on Hitler. IT May be that it was hijacked in the 60's and 70's but in 1945 it meant Victory ! Not huge every one( even those dripping in blood) and it will be fine.

No It Meant Kill or capture, take and hold territory, impose marshal law Do What It takes to Achieve VICTORY!

We should take back this symbol then her video will mean something very different. Of course it would distort The meaning of the other people giving the V for peace.

Then Kissinger, They call him a warmonger to, I thing hes just doing a poor job of pointing. Putin Cry? laugh? Oh He's really for peace and love. Fonda?
Miss Crow Was a Teacher thankfully of music, unfortunately not to for from hear. I don't know which is better she did it all on purpose or is just the much of a Flaming Moronic Lemming that doesn't know Any Fucking History!

I like The Music. The video is PROPAGANDA. I guess its nice that MTV networks lifted the band on political advertising.


Fox Kissed a Girl And Didn't Like It

Kate Perry has this nice little song I Kissed a Girl. Okay.
She's on top right now. Okay.
It's influencing young teens to do depraved things. Okay. What?!

They didn't put it that way on Fox, close enough for me. These people cover the news every day. they act as if they didn't see it at first. Really what little sheltered world do you live in. I will say that if your going to cover this as a news story and avoid sounding like a sheltered ass they did the best they could.

My biggest problem with the song is is it chap stick or chop stick? think chap but i was trying to figure out what sort of cherry chop stick was? i don't keep a close eye on slang.

I Kissed A Girl

Who else is on the charts? Lil Wayne & Chris Brown I don't know them well, wonder what they might be singing about. And Pussycat Dolls, Know them a little better. It's kind of repetitious but with the video i can listen a few times.

They made the point that she is a defunked christen singer. The best kind in my opinion. That also mean(chap stick no chop stick) she's probably kind of a poser. Pecked some girl on the lips when she was so wasted on that half a wine cooler. Oh crap she's not 16 or something. If she is it's kinda cute and i take back the poser comment if not, Poser. If this is all she's doing That's pretty well behaved.

They where mentioned how girls do this to attacked attention and boys don't. First can i shave a decade or so off my age, just for a month or so, Please? Boys don't! There's a news flash. I not going to go into males visual woman mental stuff but i hope we all get it. Bottom line, just a decade not to much to, if girls liked watching guys kissing it might be a different matter.

My point Fox tends to cover these things, just like the little boy and the homeless stuff on now. Its got a shelter gee-whiz feel from time to time. It's really irritating. It's nit picky crap and O'Reilly the king of this useless holier than arr, you know. he's right part of the time and out of touch part of the time, the rest i disagree with him. Most of it is useless whining dribble. I am sure shelter types that cringe ever time they hear god dam love his dribble. This stuff is why i watch Fox less and less.