Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free money for Obama

I have never quite understood labeling budget items "off budget". It is just a label , and i suppose it is necessary from a legal stand point. The item in this case is the war funding. It seems that it is a very large loan. More debt, weaker dollar, then higher price. Not good, so we need to pay it off. It is not a stream of revenue we can divert to other things. It is Not free money!

I have made my views on the Iraq war clear. So I am not one to use this as a reason to get out and it shouldn't be. However for Obama to treat it like it is money we can just spend else were once the troops are home is ridiculous. Yes , the payments on the loan will go down over time, but the money saved doesn't come close to the amount we spent. You go buy a car (an "off budget item" not the war) for 30,000 at about 450 a month. When you pay of the car you don't have 30000 to spend you have 450. Now you could take another loan out, but your back in debt. It might be okay for a car we need but not so good for the Fed to spend on what ever the feel like.

All this is "off budget", out side the budget any way. There is not any new money. There is no free money, so cut it out.

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