Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raise the FDIC, Why Not FIx The Current Problem

They are trying to raise the FDIC insurance limit to 250000. Just fix the problem. Just the credit crunch. They systemic problems need to be fixed soon after. But just don't sit around and treat the symptoms.

Fictional Leadership as the Only Real Leadership

The Unit on CBS is just about the only must watch show on these days. It is not just that there are examples week after week of crisis situations, people having the know how and making decisive decisions. Some of its people having the trust, built up over time and over decision after decision, to follow a real leader. Of course the explosions don't help.

Where is the leadership in this country? Gone, Long Gone! What exactly not to do. No matter how much you think Pelosi has it completely right on absolutely everything or how much you think she is going burn this country to the ground and does not have a vague idea how anything works the speech before the vote was the absolute opposite of leadership. In what most, including her, think is a crisis you don't get up and attack those people you need to get us out of crisis just before you need them. Not only attack but you use a political stereotype that is not really the case. ( yes they want less regulation but not no regulation, less more sensible regulation you hack!)

Bush, i think we have been down that raod. As bad as 9/11 was you don't get a much bigger chance to lead. After a good start it all evaporated. He came out with some week statements and partial and incorrect explanations. A leader this guy is not.

The Treasury Secretary, Fed reserve Chairman or the head of the SEC might of stepped into the void. They have not done it. I can't really blame them. Its not their job to lead the country and are constrained. If they say to much or the wrong the market could tank just on that.

Obama seems to have taken a pass. McCain seems to be doing the same now. I still think McCain should go to DC and do everything he can, don't even remotely mention politics and ignore( not just him but the entire campaign ) Dems political cat call.

That is what leaders DO. Concisely explain the problem, not how we got there. Explain the options why there good and not and make a call. Then shut up and get the job done, let the chips fall where they may.

Frankly many of the options are , the good ones, are not possible due to politics. At this point any one in Congress could take the leadership role and get this done. In the worst crisis the best leaders are born.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama Truthers Update

A couple of posts on the matter still not looking good, remotely good, remotely American?

Missouri Sheriffs' and Prosecutors' Obama 'Truth Squad' Getting Old Media Silence

Reporter: Obama 'truth squad' story got twisted

I hope this blows up just after the financial meltdown. It show make for some interesting commentary.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Bailout May Not Be Enough

Congress is filled with brain damaged little children. They need to leave congress and get the help they need. Not all but most or almost all! They may have watered this down so much that it won't be perceived as acting fast enough to keep more banks from going under. If that is the case the credit markets won't get free up. And that's the game.

Pieces from all over:

"Rep. John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, the House minority leader, said he was urging "every member whose conscience will allow them to support this" to back it, but officials in both parties expected the vote to be a nail-biter." Lawmakers, White House Agree on Historic $700B Bailout - Fox
They still do not get it. They made it worse, so bad it may not work. And it still may not pass. Okay kids go over there and pass THE BILL!
"The plan would let Congress block half the money and force the president to jump through some hoops before using it all. The government could get at $250 billion immediately, $100 billion more if the president certified it was necessary, and the last $350 billion with a separate certification — and subject to a congressional resolution of disapproval." Lawmakers, White House Agree on Historic $700B Bailout - Fox
The certification on the last part includes a resolution of no confidence in the President and something about a 45 day response period. So they get half the money now and the rest 2 months from now. Put it that way and it might not work.
"The House plans to vote on the measure Monday, with the Senate likely to follow later in the week. Both parties have already started the process of pressuring and cajoling members to vote for the bill. Passage is seen as likely, despite the measure's unpopularity." Crisis Hits Europe's Banks As U.S. Seals Bailout Deal- WSJ
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she hopes the House will take up the bill on Monday. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he believes the Senate can move on the legislation by Wednesday." Rescue bill unveiled - CNN
Wednesday, Freak' n WEDNESDAY, yes lets play with the economic nuclear weapon for a few more days.
"If it ends up with a net loss, however, the bill says the president must propose legislation to recoup money from the financial industry if the rescue plan results in net losses to taxpayers five years after the plan is enacted." Rescue bill unveiled - CNN
"The administration would be required to submit a plan to Congress "to recoup those losses from the entities that benefited from this program," according to a summary circulated among House Republicans."Crisis Hits Europe's Banks As U.S. Seals Bailout Deal- WSJ
WOW a great big uncertainty.No One KNOWS WHAT THIS CRAP IS WORTH! SO in the end the companies still pay an unknown loss? WTF This is a giant liability for the companies we are trying to get to lend money again and keep the pay checks coming.
"A congressional oversight panel would be charged with reviewing the state of financial markets, the regulatory system and the Treasury's use of its authority under the rescue plan. Sitting on the panel would be 5 outside experts appointed by House and Senate leaders." Rescue bill unveiled - CNN
Politicians in charge of a fix for something they largely cause or at lest let happen. This won't descend into partisan crap and wasteful stupid spending. Lets hope they can at least get the job done and not stop the whole thing in its tracks.
"Treasury must establish an insurance program - with risk-based premiums paid by the industry - to guarantee companies' troubled assets, including mortgage-backed securities, purchased before March 14, 2008." Rescue bill unveiled - CNN
Exactly what won't work. Are we going to help these companies at all?
"But Democrats surrendered other cherished goals: letting judges rewrite bankrupt homeowners' mortgages and steering any profits gained toward an affordable housing fund." Lawmakers, White House Agree on Historic $700B Bailout - Fox
Small favors i guess.

There are a number of other little stupid crap provisions in here. Golden parachute rules apply to new execs not the ones that run the companies now? But the Nail in The coffin :
"Mr. Paulson doesn't expect the funds to unclog the financial situation immediately. "I'm hoping that, in a very fragile system, this restores some confidence when it's announced. But it will take several weeks" before the asset purchases begin to work, he said." Crisis Hits Europe's Banks As U.S. Seals Bailout Deal- WSJ
See you in the bread line, and thank your congress person for me.!

Read YOUR HISTORY or wake up in USSR

This is the second to last step to a Marxist takeover int this country. The news speak and fake crisis are all ready in place. Not the credit crisis, its very real and don't let anyone tell you other wise. The last step will be to start putting people in jail. They won't kill any one, that would never fly, but no one will pick up a gun over some one in jail.

Obama campaign cracks down on misleading TV ads September 23rd, 2008

The Missouri governors response is strong but it is NOT strong enough. He is very much a Conservative which weakens his credibility on the issue.

Are we all so stupid that we don't even have a passing recollection of history. When i learned the basics of how the US government I was a little concerned that anybody could be elected. We could put Nazis in office and with a few votes of the people it could be a WWII style Germany all over, or China now, or a royal dynasty or USSR or any thing you could think of.

I thought at the time that the people would never allow that to happen and with a free press that enough info would get through. As sick as it makes me I WAS WRONG. I am slipping into a place where the only way to avoid a Marxist is a violent revolution. It will fail. The stupid zombies on all side will go along. Darkness. A Long dark age of ignorance with little chance of recovery.

READ just A LITTLE HISTORY! The fall of Rome and what happened to western civilisation after, the rise of the Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, The Cultural Revolution in 60's China, Stalin in USSR, Pol pot, Latin America in the 70's & 80's, The take over in Cuba, did i miss some? If nothing else read the wiki pages on these things.


Simple Comment On the First Debate

The political discourse in this country is full of drooling little children. They should have just sent tapes of the stump speeches and the moderator should have just hit shuffle for their responses.

vote 1st 3rd
To save us from ourselves.

Friday, September 26, 2008

NO Bail Out Till Long After it Can do Much Good, Their Poisoning It

There will be no bail out till long after it can do much good. There are major problems with both of the vague plans one more socialist than the next. This morning there is some suggestion that some of the possible profits go to community groups like ACORN and La Raza! Insanity! The details. Dems Bailout Proposal Redirects 'Paulson's Profits' To Left-Wing Groups... Will Media Notice? at News Busters. Is this a poison pill? Are they trying to kill this just for politics? The ideas are fundamentally and directly at odds?

Congress started to add crap from the start. The repeated calls to help main street is also pretty crazy. Fix the credit freeze and only that. I hoped that the Rep. revolt would push more capitalistic moves and reduce the overall cost, Google Newts comments over the past few days, but it seems they just want the government to set up a private company to buy the bad paper and insure it through government. This thing has turned into a complete nightmare. We will curse them all years from now when we learn first hand what a real long and deep depression looks and feels like.

It Is NOT a bail out of Wall Street. Just us on the edge.

It is not a bail out of Wall Street. It is a bail out of the US economy. This is not a comment on the plan and blame, another post. Just on the problem. Bush tried in his little speech, but failed miserable. It is hard to due if your playing blame games and trying to sell a vague out line of a fix.

Top down, the Uber-banks have this "bad paper". The bad paper is a mix, mostly good mortgages, some bad mortgages and the rest a mix of insurance and other financial "instruments". All in neat little packages called mortgage backed securities. The Uber- banks aren't sure what its worth and therefore can't borrow against it or even value it as part of their company. So no one wants to lend them money and they can't lend money. At that level it very fluid, very large, very short term loans, from day to day from what i can tell. They depend on that fluidity to survive.

When the money is frozen at the top the big, regional and local banks can't borrow from above and can not lend to any one. That doesn't just include your new house or car loan. It includes farmers buying seed and fertilizer, manufacturers buying material and parts to keep them going, small and large businesses trying to expand, any corner store or mom and pop the carries a small line of credit to buy inventory and well just about any business in this country.

When they can't get loans they either have to severely cut costs or go out of business. What is usually the biggest cost? Labor. Job losses will quickly mount. More people spending less forcing more businesses on the edge out of business and more job losses. It could just keep accelerating bring in larger companies that are already hurting. Inflation? Collapse of local and state governments?

Forget about you 401 k.What about the farmers six months from now that can't plant? And what happens next winter? What about loss of confidence in the dollar? Confidence is the only thing that really keeps the dollar afloat. What happens if we suddenly get 100% inflation? Don't think it can't happen. What if your dollar is worth .50 or more accurately everything is now twice as much. What if it's 200%? How hard will it be to find gas? medicine? food? That is very dark but is more and more of a real possibility.

We are not talking about over the course of years or even months, more like weeks at best. If the credit at the top comes to a complete stop the whole US economy hit a brick wall, a fast, sudden and messy stop.

The bail out good plan or not is bailing out the US economy, not Wall Street! I don't know what we don't understand. Set aside the blame, why it happened and if its a good plan or not, we all are in very real, very big trouble.

On CNN, yesterday now, they was a cattle ranch that freely admitted that he had to borrow 80-100k a yr to keep his ranch in business. Then he proceeded to say that he had to pay his bills and that we shouldn't be bail out Wall Street. What the hell are people not getting. If the problem is not fixed he will have a big surprise when he goes to borrow the money he needs!

Not the problem here but, please vote out every incumbent ( they are a bunch of children that we have not supervised in a very long time). I rather see you vote for a 3rd party and stick it to both of them. It may make no difference, there might not be much left to run any way. Sorry.

Have a nice day?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maturity Vacuum

If the case is that the new 24 is 32 or 36 mentally then i think the problems are much bigger than i thought. Doesn't that create several years of less mental maturity? Six years is not an insignificant time. It creates a vacuum of maturity that sucks the younger people in and some of the older. You dump the explosion of info, true false and in between, and entertainment we are in for big trouble.

On one side you have the growth of irresponsibility, over the top post-modern bs, and debunked Marxist thought. On the other Conservative, hard line Christian and the extreme constitutionalists/libertarians. Both side taking the opportunity to pull those lost in the vacuum to their side. I shouldn't say pull, it isn't deliberate. I should say people gravitate to strong ideas that worked at one time or another even if just for a while. Doesn't that limit the nature maturing of a society? In the current climate i think it is regressing back to the 30's.

Just a thought.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can We Remove the Sex Taboo Please?

I do not think it is good for a society to carry around the scorn for sex and sexuality this one does. It's a part of life. May be if we allowed a little nudity now and again and encouraged people to responsibly find ways to relieve the kind of sexual drive, for a lack of a better description.

The over sexualized media, the skimpy outfits and over sexualized children would stop. I am not talking about hard porn at 8 and sex lessons at 3 on TV. Why can't we responsibly remove the taboo, maybe even the porn industry would take a hit. That's me, i think it could be a better solution instead of putting our fingers in the dam of sexuality.

Ridiculous Abstinence only Education

If Your really squeamish I don't what to go there but probably will so read at your own risk.

I am going to explain this in two ways issues should all ways be looked at; emotional, gut or a humanistic approach and a logical, reasoned or by the numbers approach.

On the logical front we seem to be missing good numbers. Ever time i hear numbers it seems to be from Now, Planed Parenthood or the Christan values whatever group. I haven't looked for the numbers but if there where good numbers some one might have said something. If some solid numbers where to surface and it showed 50-60% or more drop in STDs and pregnancy especially in problem areas you might be able to convince me.

So what we do know. Abstinence, 100% no Pregnancy and no STDs. It is however not the only 100% there is masturbation, mutual masturbation(RIP Joycelyn Elders political career), and any of the less sexual alternatives the strict Christian Conservatives might proscribe (A lap dance maybe, sorry).
Condoms, the pill, dental damns, and female condoms (full body condoms) aren't 100% but do a pretty good job.
No protection is leads to STDs and pregnancy.
An unwanted pregnancy is not usually a good thing and there are far to many of them.
Young people have as a group less self control and are less educated and experienced in these matters physically and emotionally.
There is a strong biological and emotional and drive for sex.
The religious aspects are important but should not be the driving force behind policy.( How is having information about sex a sin? Not encouraging, it just having the information.)

To the second way to look at it and it is a much more opinionated one. My gut, what i really think the abstinence only crowd are completely freak'n insane. The Bible is not really a good contraceptive and wishing so doesn't make it so. I might deter some but not enough. A sex until marriage argument doesn't have to mean no information on sex until marriage. Fed funding for abstinence only it would be freak'n funny if it wasn't true. I will admit this comes from a more open view.

Is trying to resist the urge of having sex just a pretty major distraction when your young? Can't we find ways to relive that urge with in the things that are 100%? There is some area betwwen abstinace only and teaching prvention and teaching prevention isn't teaching The Karma Suta and S&M. None of this should be a step by step how to.

Abstinence only: 100% prevention if followed. No good alternative for sexual drive( A long walk with a close friend doesn't fill the same need, it might be just as fulfilling when your older and a little more emotionally developed not the same and not at 18)

Abstinence from physical contact sex: 100% prevention if followed. Alternative such as masturbation and mutual masturbation taught. Not Descriptively taught but offered as alternatives.

Physical contact sex: 100% for Pregnancy not necessarily on the SDTs if the are open wounds. Manual stimulation and other skin to genital contact offered as an alternative. Again not a how to lesson but the transmission of exactly how STDs are are spread should be covered.

Actual sex with prevention: Nearing the 100% with correct use of prevention. No Hoe to just the parts to get the prevention right

Let them figure it out: Not good and where you end up if top three aren't followed. Not really a teaching policy.

No matter how much you demonize sex with the truth or false facts and number you won't prevent as much with abstinence only as you will all the facts. Look information is power. Being informed doesn't mean you have to do it. Letting STD's spread and having unwanted pregnancy isn't an alternative.

November Prediction, McCain Wins by 5

I have been watching much on Fox And CNN and reading as much as I can. I haven't made any call til now but my sense is that the high rhetoric of Obama has worn off and that was the major draw. McCain and Obama have pretty similar ideas on a number of things. McCain's ideas trend toward to the left and occupy more of the middle. The conservative democrats will be in the McCain camp and the base will be their. so even if all the new Obama do vote McCain will stay the tide.

Why 5 points? i had thought that it would be much bigger but we still haven't gotten to the detailed issues. I don't think we will. if we did and McCain hit Obama on the Marxist crap it would be a landslide. I hope that they will at least put questions to Obama about the stifling of free speech with the Fairness doctrine and the mess that is the Employee Free Choice Act.