Friday, September 26, 2008

NO Bail Out Till Long After it Can do Much Good, Their Poisoning It

There will be no bail out till long after it can do much good. There are major problems with both of the vague plans one more socialist than the next. This morning there is some suggestion that some of the possible profits go to community groups like ACORN and La Raza! Insanity! The details. Dems Bailout Proposal Redirects 'Paulson's Profits' To Left-Wing Groups... Will Media Notice? at News Busters. Is this a poison pill? Are they trying to kill this just for politics? The ideas are fundamentally and directly at odds?

Congress started to add crap from the start. The repeated calls to help main street is also pretty crazy. Fix the credit freeze and only that. I hoped that the Rep. revolt would push more capitalistic moves and reduce the overall cost, Google Newts comments over the past few days, but it seems they just want the government to set up a private company to buy the bad paper and insure it through government. This thing has turned into a complete nightmare. We will curse them all years from now when we learn first hand what a real long and deep depression looks and feels like.

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