Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fictional Leadership as the Only Real Leadership

The Unit on CBS is just about the only must watch show on these days. It is not just that there are examples week after week of crisis situations, people having the know how and making decisive decisions. Some of its people having the trust, built up over time and over decision after decision, to follow a real leader. Of course the explosions don't help.

Where is the leadership in this country? Gone, Long Gone! What exactly not to do. No matter how much you think Pelosi has it completely right on absolutely everything or how much you think she is going burn this country to the ground and does not have a vague idea how anything works the speech before the vote was the absolute opposite of leadership. In what most, including her, think is a crisis you don't get up and attack those people you need to get us out of crisis just before you need them. Not only attack but you use a political stereotype that is not really the case. ( yes they want less regulation but not no regulation, less more sensible regulation you hack!)

Bush, i think we have been down that raod. As bad as 9/11 was you don't get a much bigger chance to lead. After a good start it all evaporated. He came out with some week statements and partial and incorrect explanations. A leader this guy is not.

The Treasury Secretary, Fed reserve Chairman or the head of the SEC might of stepped into the void. They have not done it. I can't really blame them. Its not their job to lead the country and are constrained. If they say to much or the wrong the market could tank just on that.

Obama seems to have taken a pass. McCain seems to be doing the same now. I still think McCain should go to DC and do everything he can, don't even remotely mention politics and ignore( not just him but the entire campaign ) Dems political cat call.

That is what leaders DO. Concisely explain the problem, not how we got there. Explain the options why there good and not and make a call. Then shut up and get the job done, let the chips fall where they may.

Frankly many of the options are , the good ones, are not possible due to politics. At this point any one in Congress could take the leadership role and get this done. In the worst crisis the best leaders are born.

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