Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maturity Vacuum

If the case is that the new 24 is 32 or 36 mentally then i think the problems are much bigger than i thought. Doesn't that create several years of less mental maturity? Six years is not an insignificant time. It creates a vacuum of maturity that sucks the younger people in and some of the older. You dump the explosion of info, true false and in between, and entertainment we are in for big trouble.

On one side you have the growth of irresponsibility, over the top post-modern bs, and debunked Marxist thought. On the other Conservative, hard line Christian and the extreme constitutionalists/libertarians. Both side taking the opportunity to pull those lost in the vacuum to their side. I shouldn't say pull, it isn't deliberate. I should say people gravitate to strong ideas that worked at one time or another even if just for a while. Doesn't that limit the nature maturing of a society? In the current climate i think it is regressing back to the 30's.

Just a thought.

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