Thursday, September 4, 2008

November Prediction, McCain Wins by 5

I have been watching much on Fox And CNN and reading as much as I can. I haven't made any call til now but my sense is that the high rhetoric of Obama has worn off and that was the major draw. McCain and Obama have pretty similar ideas on a number of things. McCain's ideas trend toward to the left and occupy more of the middle. The conservative democrats will be in the McCain camp and the base will be their. so even if all the new Obama do vote McCain will stay the tide.

Why 5 points? i had thought that it would be much bigger but we still haven't gotten to the detailed issues. I don't think we will. if we did and McCain hit Obama on the Marxist crap it would be a landslide. I hope that they will at least put questions to Obama about the stifling of free speech with the Fairness doctrine and the mess that is the Employee Free Choice Act.

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