Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GOP to Lose in a Landslide, No Win, No Wait

I as most I suspect are getting very tired of the campaigning. There seems to be this slow walk of broad issues, minor tweaks to positions, personal changes, and VP speculation. Are we waiting til the summer is over so more people are paying attention. Can we get on with it. Just move the election to to August 5.

I hear Dems say over and over the people are behind them and they will win in a landslide. Really? Republicans are starting to do the same thing. Dems point to the special elections. Republicans ran against conservative Dems with very similar views and they tried to link them to Obama. Obama at the time wasn't the head of the party and most of the party wasn't exactly in lock step with him and won't be going forward. Those election just show the stupidity of those local parts of the Republican party. These races have nothing to do with the overall mood of the country or the Presidential race.

My prediction is no prediction now. Some feel that it is Obama's to lose. Ah No. I am in the camp that it's McCain's not to lose, I think. If people come to the conclusion that they are both completely "full of it", lack vision and vote 1st 3rd i don't think anyone can predict ( thats how I'm voting). The more important question is have people really looked at socialism and decided its okay. If thats the case McCain is done, go home now and save yourself the stress.

Now if people haven't looked hard at socialism and realized how socialist at his core Obama is, it's McCain's to not loose. If Obama says that McCain is Bush's 3rd term then call him a socialist or Marxist. It is just as true. Put a big Obama '08 sign an your bus with the hammer and sickle behind it. Explain what that symbol means , explain the philosophies, compare what he had said to Marx, Stalin, and the like. Point to history and what it has lead to. Take the gloves off and hit him.

As a matter of looking at these things you can never underestimate the stupidity of people and the ability to ignore facts in favor of the way they want the world to work, what the people around them think, or just plane charisma.

Who is going to win? It's McCain's to not lose. It really makes little difference. If you want a Second American Revolution sooner vote Obama, a little later McCain, If you want to head it off vote for the 1st 3rd party on the ballot.

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