Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Brainwashing of MoveOn's Baby Alex

MoveOn is one of those groups that makes it very hard to believe in free speech. People can't spend their day fact checking every ridiculous clam made. I read a study ( salt hear) that your mind believes every thing it hears until it is disproven. If a lie or half truth get to more people than the whole truth the lie is fact to the to some people. Maybe we should be more responsible with what we put out there. The hundred years nonsense is beating a herd of dead horses for anyone that pay any attention to the full statement of McCain and a little history.

There are any number of issues with this newspeak laden propaganda. Bill Kristol in Someone Else’s Alex covers most of it but it goes much deeper. This mother has said that I am going to brain wash my child. That is the only way she can keep him out, it is his choice when the time comes. And what is she going to brain wash him with, this absolute talking to them will always solve the problem, the military is obsolete, their views are always as valid as ours, and we haven't done that much good so we should just stop meddling. No Brainwashing. Teach them to read and do math, logic and its difference from emotion, point them to a library, and give them the facts and arguments on both sides and let them decide. No Brainwashing.

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