Monday, June 23, 2008

Have Ben Stein Win us Some Money

I saw the highlights of the Congressional hearings with the FTC. From what I saw they have found no indication that there has been any price manipulation and asked that if anyone had any evidence to bring it to them. I still trust them to do these sort of investigations and come up with reasonable answers. The question I was left with is if they have questioned all those that are so convinced, at the very least dropped them an e-mail.

Ben Stein, well was on O'Reilly's radio show Thursday. I by no means listen to him very often. I was in the car, all the music sucked and he was on. Mr. Stein was agreeing or disagreeing with O'Reilly's rant about speculators. He said that he was in a room the day before with some former Enron traders laughing about have much money they were making trading gas and oil. What? Can you pleace just drop the FTC an e-mail with where, when this took place and who was there.
May be Mr. Stein could save us all some money.

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