Sunday, September 28, 2008

Read YOUR HISTORY or wake up in USSR

This is the second to last step to a Marxist takeover int this country. The news speak and fake crisis are all ready in place. Not the credit crisis, its very real and don't let anyone tell you other wise. The last step will be to start putting people in jail. They won't kill any one, that would never fly, but no one will pick up a gun over some one in jail.

Obama campaign cracks down on misleading TV ads September 23rd, 2008

The Missouri governors response is strong but it is NOT strong enough. He is very much a Conservative which weakens his credibility on the issue.

Are we all so stupid that we don't even have a passing recollection of history. When i learned the basics of how the US government I was a little concerned that anybody could be elected. We could put Nazis in office and with a few votes of the people it could be a WWII style Germany all over, or China now, or a royal dynasty or USSR or any thing you could think of.

I thought at the time that the people would never allow that to happen and with a free press that enough info would get through. As sick as it makes me I WAS WRONG. I am slipping into a place where the only way to avoid a Marxist is a violent revolution. It will fail. The stupid zombies on all side will go along. Darkness. A Long dark age of ignorance with little chance of recovery.

READ just A LITTLE HISTORY! The fall of Rome and what happened to western civilisation after, the rise of the Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, The Cultural Revolution in 60's China, Stalin in USSR, Pol pot, Latin America in the 70's & 80's, The take over in Cuba, did i miss some? If nothing else read the wiki pages on these things.


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