Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fox Kissed a Girl And Didn't Like It

Kate Perry has this nice little song I Kissed a Girl. Okay.
She's on top right now. Okay.
It's influencing young teens to do depraved things. Okay. What?!

They didn't put it that way on Fox, close enough for me. These people cover the news every day. they act as if they didn't see it at first. Really what little sheltered world do you live in. I will say that if your going to cover this as a news story and avoid sounding like a sheltered ass they did the best they could.

My biggest problem with the song is is it chap stick or chop stick? think chap but i was trying to figure out what sort of cherry chop stick was? i don't keep a close eye on slang.

I Kissed A Girl

Who else is on the charts? Lil Wayne & Chris Brown I don't know them well, wonder what they might be singing about. And Pussycat Dolls, Know them a little better. It's kind of repetitious but with the video i can listen a few times.

They made the point that she is a defunked christen singer. The best kind in my opinion. That also mean(chap stick no chop stick) she's probably kind of a poser. Pecked some girl on the lips when she was so wasted on that half a wine cooler. Oh crap she's not 16 or something. If she is it's kinda cute and i take back the poser comment if not, Poser. If this is all she's doing That's pretty well behaved.

They where mentioned how girls do this to attacked attention and boys don't. First can i shave a decade or so off my age, just for a month or so, Please? Boys don't! There's a news flash. I not going to go into males visual woman mental stuff but i hope we all get it. Bottom line, just a decade not to much to, if girls liked watching guys kissing it might be a different matter.

My point Fox tends to cover these things, just like the little boy and the homeless stuff on now. Its got a shelter gee-whiz feel from time to time. It's really irritating. It's nit picky crap and O'Reilly the king of this useless holier than arr, you know. he's right part of the time and out of touch part of the time, the rest i disagree with him. Most of it is useless whining dribble. I am sure shelter types that cringe ever time they hear god dam love his dribble. This stuff is why i watch Fox less and less.

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