Tuesday, July 1, 2008

V Is for Victory not Peace, you Moron!

As most people i don't pay real close attention to much. So once again TV mutes i look up and see genocide in the closed captioning on vh1. Got my attention, unmuted oh Sheryl Crow "Out of our Heads" A remake? i am Not Going to spend the time. Modern day Peace nick. Fine more power to you. Awe People waving two finger peace sigh. Carter, RFK, Fergi, Michel More, Trump?, Other i recognize their names elude me, Truman, Hendrix, Code pink chick, McCartney,Ring, pres of Iran, Arafat, Bush ( image followed by the blood on your hands line). i omitting some. Nice mixing the old footage with the new. Nice trick link it back to Vietnam.

More signs John Lennon, Santana, Yelson, Elvis, Nixon(is that what he was doing i never got it), Churchill, Churchill Fucking Churchill (half way down).

V For Victory You Flaming Moron!

The whole Propaganda video from MTV unfortunately.

Truman For that matter to. One distortion of history I will let slide, it's a popular image of Truman i Didn't really catch it fine. Truman and Churchill. You can not distort history in this way. People are uneducated and miss informed enough. This isn't open for interpretation.

1945 WWII V for Victory Not Peace !

Churchill couldn't get elected as a dog catch now. He'd be labeled a warmonger and not just for his stance on Hitler. IT May be that it was hijacked in the 60's and 70's but in 1945 it meant Victory ! Not huge every one( even those dripping in blood) and it will be fine.

No It Meant Kill or capture, take and hold territory, impose marshal law Do What It takes to Achieve VICTORY!

We should take back this symbol then her video will mean something very different. Of course it would distort The meaning of the other people giving the V for peace.

Then Kissinger, They call him a warmonger to, I thing hes just doing a poor job of pointing. Putin Cry? laugh? Oh He's really for peace and love. Fonda?
Miss Crow Was a Teacher thankfully of music, unfortunately not to for from hear. I don't know which is better she did it all on purpose or is just the much of a Flaming Moronic Lemming that doesn't know Any Fucking History!

I like The Music. The video is PROPAGANDA. I guess its nice that MTV networks lifted the band on political advertising.


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