Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards and Oh a Russian Invasion

Turned on the new at 2 or so. John Edwards hypocritical, John Edwards this, Edwards that, Russia invades, Edwards Obama, Edwards Wife,. What Russia invaded! For the love of god!

An ongoing invasion trumps over and over again Edward. The Edwards story has been out their for weeks. Does anybody remember the press waiting on the beach when we went into Somalia?

A freak'n invasion. One of the commentators mention that he didn't really think this would lead to a broader European war. Edwards really?

Some hours latter i saw a more in depth story. It is not all that bad for a Russian Invasion I suppose. I does however make us seriously consider who and why we support for independents.
The Russians call their troops peace keepers. Okay sure. The last i heard was the causalities where beginning to mount, and just after less than a day.

Oh and there is Bush Sitting next to Putin. Putin Isn't the leader of Russia any more supposedly. Did things come to a head now Or was there a nice distraction today.

John Edwards if I was not clear, I Don't Care. Funny though the other woman made campaign vids for him.

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