Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia's Right to Self Determination, What You Really Need to Know

The current situation is described hear with good maps and the like.
Russian troops roll deep into Georgia, break truce Right to self determination

I haven't found a good descriptions of the detail on the back and forth that lead to this. There are some conflicting reporting. Glen Beck layed it out fairly well. There is this:
Georgia-Russia Conflict Intensifies

Q&A: Russia-Georgia Conflict Has Deep Roots

CNN yesterday said that what you really need to know is that their is an oil pipe line running though the country. That's the very shot term what is going to effect us in the next month or so.

What you really need to know is that Russia and China are after power and influence.
Russia through energy and China through economics. They aren't doing it by being kind and generous.
Being on the hooks and our weakness though weak dollar, energy, military, ect. mean that our right to self determination is going to be all but gone. Georgia will probably loose theirs though force, we will loose ours though inaction an pure suicidal stupidity. More specifically on the Russian side is the possible free reign to do as it pleases with it's former provinces.

The War in Georgia Is a War for the West
Why the Russia-Georgia conflict matters to the West

Self Determinance of Georgia, the West and Us is all important in this conflict not Oil or separatist movement.

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