Friday, August 8, 2008

My apologies and short posts

My Apologies for my absence, not that anyone's reading, but for future reference. The computer crashed again. The 9 yr old hard drive finally gave up and i have spent several nights fixing that. Before that we had a week of rain and it took awhile to try to get the yard and garden back into a workable state. The garden was planted late so its just starting to produce, picking and canning takes time. Again my apologies.

i have ideas pass through my head all the time. Taking the time to explain the ones of interest and finding references keeps me from posting most of the time. So You know how to work Google by now, find your own references. The other though, well they turn news paper articles or several into books all the time, where does that leave blogs? The way i see it books, magazines, various newspaper articles, columns ect. and then blogs. So i am not writting the other so keep it short and if its not fully fleshed out so be it. I have said it before so i will try again.

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