Saturday, March 7, 2015

Random Links March 06 15

-Obama Slams ‘Oppressive, Abusive Situation’ Imposed by Ferguson Police
-Obama Warns Ferguson – Accept Our Consent Decree Or Face Our Lawsuit….
-DOJ Uses Faulty Calculation in Ferguson Report,
-Obama: Type of Racial Discrimination in Ferguson Police Department Not Isolated,
-The Injustice the DOJ Uncovered in Ferguson Wasnt Racism
 Egypt To Shut Down 27,000 Mosques In Effort To Curb Radicalization
 Iran general and 10,000 troops, within six miles of Israeli border
 -FOIA Request for Hillary Clinton’s Email Address Went Missing | Washington Free Beacon
-Another Judge Just Dissed The Rights Of Americans To Defend Themselves
-Supreme Court Rules that Cops DO NOT Need a Warrant to Search Your Home | The Free Thought Project
 College Conservatives Called ‘Hate Group’ for Resisting LGBT Sensitivity Training
 Students Banned from Handing Out Flyers Critical of Obama, Bush, Che Guevara | Washington Free Beacon
   The Mess
-CIA Director Announces Sweeping Reorganization of Spy Agency |
-CFPB Director Swats Down Congressional Question About $215 Million Spent On New HQ: 'Why Does That Matter to You?’ - Breitbart
-The Department Of Homeland Security: Obama's Secret Police

Obama: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Not True to Spirit of Selma
The Obama Admin Just Got Busted Again, But This Time The Judge Won't Stand For It
Obama: Denying Illegal Aliens Same Rights as Citizens Violates ‘Spirit’ of Selma
-Here we go again: Treasury just told Congress the debt ceiling will be hit in 10 days
-Democrats: If Republicans Attempt to Demote John Boehner, We'll Keep Him In the Speakership
-And the Loop is Closed
-The End of “Economic Terrorism”: Dems and the Obstruction Double Standard 
It’s Always About Money With The Left
The Experts Agree: Europe Is Doomed
  The other
Friday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Journal: Larwyn's Linx: Hillary fired US Ambassador to Kenya for using personal email account

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