Saturday, March 14, 2015

Random Links March 13 15

-Kremlin Tells Journalists To Not Leave Moscow For The Weekend And To Expect A Major Announcement

-Estonia Fears Being "Overrun By Russia In Minutes", Sweden Sends Troops To Baltic Sea Island | Zero Hedge
-Breitbart Exclusive: Syria’s Christians Plead for Help from U.S. and Europe
-The Coming Chinese Crackup | Zero Hedge
-Did the Iran Speech Sink Netanyahu?
-Muslim Sacralized Rape and Feminized Sweden
-Democrats: We're Like All About Grabbing Guns Now And We Need You to Know That About Us
-Glenn Beck Makes Big Announcement About the NRA and Grover Norquist | Video |
   Gov System
The Founders Didn't Fail. We Are Failing the Founders.
Post-National America
Democrats: Palpatine Was Right to Dissolve the Senate 
End Lifetime Judicial Appointments 
The only home for libertarians is on the right
How States Hurt Low-Income Entrepreneurs
How Bad Religion Has Bequeathed Us ‘An Anxious Age’
America’s Decline: The Pathology Of Socialism
America's False-Front, Movie-Set Economy
  Hillary / email / FOIA / cluster
-Judge Orders State Dept To Comply With Records Request…
-National Archives Tried to Hide Email About Living in Fear of White House | Washington Free Beacon

-Dear State Department: Where is Hillary Clinton's OF-109 Form? - Breitbart
-Gawker Set to Sue State Department After ‘Preposterous Response’ to Philippe Reines FOIA Request | Washington Free Beacon
-The upside of American politicians being techno-phobic Luddites
-High-Ranking Federal Officials’ History of Using Personal Email for Government Business 
Megyn Kelly Expose The 'Dangerous' Lie Of Ferguson In Less Than 90 Seconds
Ferguson’s Militarized Police That Weren’t | 
Scarborough vs. O’Donnell on Discredited ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim
 In Ferguson, Guilt Should Not Be Collectivized, But It Should Be Apportioned
 Obama Asks Texas Judge To Allow Amnesty | The Daily Caller
 14 states just asked a court to let Obama implement his immigration plan. Do you live in one of them? |
  The Mess
Team McConnell Struggles To Defend Decision To Bring Loretta Lynch Up For A Vote
Sharyl Attkisson Slams Obama's Media Gatekeepers - Breitbart
The Roadmap for a Government-Controlled Internet
How DNA Is Turning Us Into A Nation Of Suspects
How Hugh Hewitt Could Shape All the GOP Primary Debates
    The others
Friday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: Top 5 Times the Dems Sabotaged Republican Foreign Policy

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