Friday, March 13, 2015

Random Links March 12 15

    The Mess
Obama Says ‘You Think I’m Exaggerating’ on Guns. Fact Checker Says…
Sen. Graham: I Signed Letter Because Obama Told Congress ‘To Go To Hell’
Local News Reporter Discovers Secret Spy Camera Outside a Post Office 
Glenn Beck Threatens To Leave NRA | The Daily Caller
Levin: OK to Call GOP ‘Seditious,’ But Not to Question Obama’s Patriotism Parasite Turns On Parasite: HFT Sues Other HFTs For "Egregious Manipulation" Of Treasury Securities | Zero Hedge
Common Core Has Fundamental Flaws
The New London Gold Fix And China's Gold Strategy | Zero Hedge
The Conservatarian Manifesto | Review | Charles Cooke
Articles: Obama Is Not Hitler
The Lessons of Rotherham
The Cost of Obama’s Syria Disgrace 
EPA Will Take 100 Years To Fulfill Conservative Group's FOIA Request 
ATF admits: Officials still considering ammo ban, ‘how we do this rationally’
Justice Department Takes Credit for Second Operation Choke Point Settlement 
    Hillary 2016
…No One Read Clinton’s Emails Before Deleting Them
 Hillary Used Unshielded Phone, Didn't Sign Exit Documents
State Dept: Hillary Clinton Was Never Issued Govt Phone, Used Personal Device
Dont Blame Gowdy
Watch: Ferguson Police Officers Shot On Camera; Protesters Cheer  
Megyn Kelly Unloads Over Media’s Ferguson Coverage: ‘Enough Is Enough!’
Rapper on Ferguson Cop Shooting: ‘You Reap What You Sow’
Obama, Holder, Sharpton Stoke Flames, Ferguson Officers Shot 
   Net Neutrality
FCC Finally Dumps 400-Page Net Neutrality Plan –Why It Says It’s So Long
Krauthammer: FCC Net Rules ‘Full Employment Act of Telecom Lawyers’
 Moscow’s Declining Arms Exports
 Turkish Quran Teacher Told Students They ‘Deserved Rape’ for Forgetting Hijab
   The other
 Ace of Spades HQ Thursday Morning News Dump
 Thursday morning links - Maggie's Farm
 Larwyn's Linx: Hillary’s email explanation is self-contradictory – here’s how

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