Thursday, March 12, 2015

Random Links March 11 15

    Iran plus
Iran Declares Pre-emptive Victory in Nuke Talks
Kerry: US Not Negotiating ‘Legally Binding’ Iran Deal
Report: Democrats Met with Iranian Regime to Sabotage George W. Bush 
China Doubles Aid to North Korea Under Kim Jong-Un
-Russia Says Has Right to Deploy Nuclear Weapons in Crimea 
-Nigel Farage Rages At Juncker's "European Army" Proposal 
-US To Send Drones, Humvees To Ukraine, Boost Russia Sanctions As Moscow May "Deploy Nuclear Weapons In Crimea" | Zero Hedge
-The Picture State Department Used to Promote ‘Freedom of Speech’ Leaves Some Asking, ‘You’re Joking Right?’ |
-State Dept Internal Investigation Report: 1 Billion Emails Created, Only 61,000 Actually Saved/Archived As Official Documents…. | The Last Refuge
-Justice Department Protected Convicted Child Rapists | Washington Free Beacon
Barack Obama: A Man For The Ages | The Daily Caller
Clintonian Decline | The Z Blog
Why They Spy: IT-Powered Feudalism Is Cheaper Than Playing Fair
Articles: Intelligence: Broken Arrow
The Folly of Fed Obeisance
   Hillary (i'm sorry)
 Holder, Too

-The Nuclear Option – Shock, Scandal, and Semi-Stifled Screams: Are You Ready for 10 More Years of Hillary Clinton?
-Cybersecurity Expert: I Traced Clinton's Email Server To A Manhattan Government Building 
-White House Squirms Trying to Defend Hillary Clinton’s Deletion of Thousands of Emails | Washington Free Beacon
-Columnist Kirsten Powers: Hillary’s Email Defense Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test
-AP Sues State Department for Hillary’s Records After She Tells Us All to Go to Hell |
-The World Fails to Follow Hillarys Careful Script
-'Obscure' Court Filing Explodes Hillary Clinton Email Scandal - Breitbart
   The Mess
Ferguson Police Chief Resigns
The Real Reason Why the Media Hates Nigel Farage
Democrats Backing Out Of Human Trafficking Bill Over Abortion Funding 
Former NBC News Reporter: Media No Longer Holds White House Or Government Accountable
   The other
Wednesday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: Federal Judge Orders Investigation into Illegal Acts By the Obama Administration



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