Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Random Links March 02 15

The blue pill only works if you take it before? Right? Maybe I'm asleep
Obama Law
   Obama Unveils National ObamaPolicing Plan | The Daily Caller
   Eric Holder: “Lets Lower Standard Of Proof” To Bring Civil Rights Charges
Obama Citizens
   "Whistle Blower" Tells Mark Levin How Our Country Is Being Taken Over
   “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans"
Obama W-2
     Obama ‘Very Interested’ in Possibility of Taking Action on Tax Hikes
     Where’s Our Simon de Montfort at The Z Blog
DOJ Shut Down Search For Lerner's Emails | The Daily Caller
Choke Point ‘Is the Beginning of a Real Tyranny in the United States’ 
Federal Worker Raided Student Data For Identity Theft | The Daily Caller
White House Is Justifying Trying to Ban Certain Ammo Without Congress 
    The Mess
-The End of an Error: My Reign on ‘Red Eye’
-Google Develops System For Ranking 'Trustworthiness' Of Websites
-How These Two Government Programs for Farmers Could Hurt You
-What Homeschool Mom Thinks About How the Government Regulates Homeschooling 
-Judge Slams EPA for Discriminating Against Conservative Group
-Pentagon – About That Major Campaign In Iraq, On Mosul, We talked About Last Week: ‘Well, Um,.. Nevermind”…
-The Case for the Warthog
 Revealed: Hillary Clinton Possibly Violated Federal Rules During Tenure as Secretary of State | TheBlaze.com
 **NYT Shock Report** Hillary Sent Every Official Email as Sec. of State from a Private Account
 Articles: Is it okay for Obama to Ignore the Constitution?
 The Cartman Presidency: There Is No Check On President Obama

 A third amendment argument against the NSA « Hot Air
 Capitalism vs. 'Smiley-Faced Socialism'
 Articles: Iran Poses an Existential Threat to Western Civilization
 Europe’s Real Time-Bomb | The American Spectator
 Social Decay at The Z Blog
    Netanyahu "The Speech"
-Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks for Us
-Report: President Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Air Force if IAF Mounted Strike Against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities… | The Last Refuge
-Top Netanyahu Aide Suggests Obama Is Withholding Key Information From Congress on Iran Talks | TheBlaze.com
-Two Reasons Why I Don't Believe a Word of Samantha Power's AIPAC Speech 
-Feinstein: Netanyahu "Arrogant" - Breitbart
-Why Netanyahu’s Speech Matters
-Rep. Steve King Moves To Preempt Clean DHS Bill
-Census Data Show Insanity Of Congressional Move To Fund President Obama's Unlawful Mass Amnesty
-IRS Again Confirms Amnesty Bonus, Grassley Working On Bill To Address
-110,000 Illegals on CA Roads with New Licenses - Breitbart
    Russia \ China
 'Topple the Chinese Communist Party': New Round of Protests Hong Kong
 This Is How Russians Are Honoring the Murdered Foe of Vladimir Putin
 Tens of Thousands March to Protest Killing of Putin Critic
 Boris Nemtsov, RIP | Cato @ Liberty
  Liberals Outraged that University Wont Regulate What Students Wear Off-Campus
 ‘One State, Majority Rules: Us, the Muslims’: Watch This Video to See Just How Anti-Israel College Campuses Have Gotten | Video | TheBlaze.com
 The Other
 Ace of Spades HQ Monday Morning News Dump
 Monday morning links - Maggie's Farm
 Larwyn's Linx: Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Planes If Israel Struck Iran
 may be a Sunday edition is in order

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