Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random Link Feb 27 15

  Executive Flailing
Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle
Time To Build The Gallows at The Z Blog Still Unfinished Year After Feds Issued Dire Warning
   The Mess
Breitbart’s Adelle Nazarian on CPAC ‘China Rising’ Expert Panel 
Chinas Long Road to Dominance
Quiet Change Expands ATF Power to Seize Property 
Coptic Monks Lie Down in Front of Bulldozers to Protect Ancient Christian Site
Why Amtrak Will Keep Losing Money Selling Food
Vandalism in Arizona Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service 
   Net Neutrality
-Lawless: Having Been Shot Down by Federal Courts Twice In Attempting to Vote Themselves Powers Not Granted Them By Congress, Obama's FCC Violates the Law a Third Time and Once Again Pronounces Themselves Lords of the Internet 
-Net Neutrality Scam - Mises Daily 
-Louie Gohmert Unable to Control His Fury Over Obama’s Immigration Action During House Floor Speech |

-Here Are the 52 House Republicans Who Defied John Boehner on Contentious DHS Spending Bill |
-Boeher Attempts to Capitulate to Reid and Obama; Fails
-Krauthammer: GOP ‘Can’t Execute A Surrender’
Cynicism United: President Obama and the Sierra Club
If You Think Washington, D.C. Can Still Be Fixed, You're Wrong.
Evolution Is A Political, Cultural, And Ideological Sledgehammer
Is Liberalism Exhausted?
Pagalia: Feminism Equals ‘Whining, Narcissistic Victimology’
   The others
Ace of Spades HQ Friday Morning News Dump
Friday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: GOP Surrender on Obama’s Lawless Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Would Be a Profound Betrayal of the States

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