Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Another argument for a Sunday post

-Defense Spending, Development Bank Fray US-UK Special Relationship
-Hillary Clinton: The US Should Emulate Socialist Germany and Pay Companies to Keep On Unneeded Workers
-Britain Surrenders | FrontPage Magazine
Executive Transformation
Beware The Obama – Final Stages Of Fundamental Change….
Regime Change: America's Failing Weapon Of International Deception
Surviving Socialism: Considerations For American Patriots
Don’t Get Distracted . We Still Have 22 Months Left of Obama’s Presidency.
Justice Department Rolls Out An Early Form Of Capital Controls In America
FEMA to deny funds to warming deniers
Fast and Furious Cover-up Rewarded in Appointment of New ATF Director
Gutcheck: In Praise of the Unheard Musician - Breitbart
Stop Equality-Mongering Before It Destroys Us
The Great American Racial Divide
Republicans Should Stop Promoting ‘Laboratories of Democracy’
Hugh Hewitt’s Defense Budget Litmus Test Misses The Point 
Let’s Be Two Americas: The Case for Federalism
The Gawker Veto
Check Your Privilege Theory
The Mess
Breitbart Chairman: Glenn Beck is Right in His Bill of Indictment of the GOP
H-1B Immigration Battle: Ignorance Has A Severe Penalty
Higher Education Arrogantly Ignoring its Problems

Janet Yellen: The Chairwoman frozen in the headlights
Prominent Islam Critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam Is ‘Not A Religion Of Peace’
Another Wave: More Than 12,500 Illegal Minors Apprehended At Border
Tucker Carlson’s No-Fox News Criticism Threatens Daily Caller’s Independence
-Texas Mayor Says She’s Been an Elected Official for 11 Years, and She’s ‘Never Seen This Type of Questioning’ From a Reporter 
-Ted Cruz Campaign Addresses Two Key Criticisms From Prominent Libertarian Judge Napolitano
-Levin: 'We Don't Need a Governor' as President - Breitbart
-What We Can Learn From Patrick Henry’s ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’ Speech
-Donny Deutsch Goes After Newly Announced ‘Scary… Dangerous… Slimy… Ignorant’ Ted Cruz
Middle East
-Bush Adviser: Israel Risks ‘Democratic Character’ 
-Obama’s Mid-East Policy – Israel Must Turn the West Bank Over to Iranian-Palestinian Terrorists | www.independentsentinel.com
-Krauthammer: Obama Wants ‘To Pacify the Middle East as a Partner of Iran’
-Tom Cotton: Obama Treating Iran like Legitimate Democracy as Ayatollah Chants ‘Death to America’
-State Dept: Kerry Won’t Mention Iran-Backed Chaos in Yemen When Meeting with Iranian Leaders
-367 House Members Send Letter to Obama on Iran's 'Pathway to Bomb' 
-Amid Fear of Russian Invasion, Baltic Countries Welcome US Support
-Russia Threatens to Aim Nuclear Missiles at Denmark Ships if It Joins NATO Shield
-We’ve Reset Our Relations With Russia and Now They’re Threatening to Bomb Denmark’s Warships
-US To China: 'Infrastructure Bank' This! - Test-Fires ICBM As A "Visual To The World"
The Other
Monday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: Obama, Kerry Seek to Finalize Iran Deal As Nuclear Conflict Draws Near
Larwyn's Linx (Sunday): Obama: GOP Just Like Iranian Terrorists, BTW Let's Celebrate Another Muslim Holiday

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