Thursday, March 26, 2015

Random Links March 25 15

Iran Refuses to Sign Written Nuclear Deal
Obama Admin Declassifies Top-Secret Doc Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Secrets
How China Turned Obama Into its Useful Green Idiot
Putin Security Council Slams Obama Attempts At "New World Order"
Is It Time To Bring Back Letters Of Marque?
From Iraq to Nigeria: How Mercenaries Are Changing Warfare — The Atlantic
The Gestapo is Alive and Well in Obama’s America
Dictates From The Dictator – A Baker’s Dozen
Are Obama And Democrats Now Targeting Lawful Businesses?
Can Obama Serve Another Term?
IG Report: Reid More Involved in Visa Controversy Than Previously Known
Report: Va. governor received special treatment from Homeland Security 
Our Undemocratic Teachers Unions
How The Education System Destroys Social Networks
The New 'McCarthyism' Exists, but It Has Nothing to Do with Ted Cruz
The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen In A Police State Is A Dead One
The Best Reason I'm Wrong On Gay Marriage
Lessons From The German Hyperinflation Of The 1920s
The World after America Conrad Black 
The Mess
-The Washington Post Sugarcoats Obama's Communist Mentor
-The New York Times Should Seriously Consider Not Writing About Science Anymore
-Pro-Amnesty Rep. Luis Gutiérrez Run Off Stage By Concerned Patriots

 -A Doctor’s Take: ‘Doc Fix’ Bill Pushes New Regulation on Doctors, Will Lead to Pricier Doctor Visits 
-The Message Glenn Beck Got in the Middle of His Special on Grover Norquist That Will Affect the Rest of the Week | Video |
-Audio Reveals Pilot Was Locked Out of Cockpit Before Deadly Crash in French Alps, Official Tells NYT
Megyn Kelly Gets Tough With State Dept. on Bergdahl Swap: ‘Was It Worth It?’
Bowe Bergdahl Charged With Desertion, Could Face Life in Prison
Names of Soldiers Who Died Searching for ‘Deserter’ Bowe Bergdahl
…WH Aides Accused Bergdahl’s Fellow Soldiers of ‘Swift Boating’ Him…
Middle East - Yemen
-State Dept: ‘We Stand By’ Obama’s Claim Yemen a Success in Counter-Terror Strategy
 -Yemeni crisis takes unexpected Cold War turn
 -Saudi Arabia Begins Military Operations in Yemen
 -Another Middle East War Breaks Out: Saudis Begin Bombing Yemen, US Military Taking Action
W.H. Vows to Be ‘Protective’ of ‘Private’ Meetings with Hillary
State Dept. Watchdog During Hillary’s Tenure Was an Obama Donor
Beck Fumes Over Media’s Coverage of Ted Cruz Going on Obamacare
Silicon Valley Libertarians Putting Serious Money Behind Ted Cruz 
The Other
Larwyn's Linx: Obama vows death to the Zionist Entity
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