Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Randon Links Aoril 14 15

  United Nations
U.N.-Led EPA Condemns Congress for Interfering With Their Fiats 
Why the 169 Targets UN Is Pursuing Won’t Lead to Progress in Reducing Poverty
-Israel: Iran Boosts Weapon Shipments to Hamas, Hezbollah in Expectation of Lifted Sanctions - Breitbart
-Obama's Nuclear Framework Agreement is a Hoax
-Russian Arms Sales to Iran Degrade U.S. Ability to Strike Nuke Sites
-Russian Missile Sales to Iran Cross White House ‘Red Line’
-IMF Forecasts Greece Will Be Europe's Fastest Growing Country; Makes Fun Of Its Own Predictions
-The French Paradox and the Jews
-Pentagon: Bible, Constitution Perpetuate Sexism | The Daily Caller
-OUTRAGE: Look What Leftists Now Teach Our Armed Forces About ‘Sexist’ Founding Documents
-Is The Liberal Media Forcing An Ignorant Populace To Debate What Is Illegal?
We Are Legion: Don’t Let Internet Culture Amplify Idiots 
-Stop Dancing with the MSM
-Is 'Social Justice Warrior' a Pejorative?
-MSNBC Host: Americans Are a Plague on The World
Obama and Revolutionary Romance
The New Inquisition
 Strong Nuclear Family Is Crucial To Nation’s Financial Stability
 The Cult Turns on the Tribe
  The Obama Doctrine 
BtF - amnesty, government, executive, Clinton, Rubio, tax, The Mess And The Others
  -ICE Director: Officers Must Carry Cards to Help Them Keep Their Immigration Priorities Straight
 -Chances that injunction preventing immigration orders being implemented will be overturned are slim
  -U.S. About to Import More Immigrants Than the Populations of Seven Major U.S. Cities 
-Government’s Next Tax Target: Your Bank Account
-‘They Need to Be Fired’: Chaffetz Explodes After DEA Chief Says She Can’t Fire -Agents Who Get Prostitutes From Drug Cartels
-Latest $269 Million DOE Loan Causes Major Controversy
-A Modest Proposal: Let’s Sunset The Tax Code A Modest Proposal: Let’s Sunset The Tax Code
-A Suicidal Veteran Called the VA’s Crisis Hotline. The Response He Got Will Make You Furious.
-How Genome-Sequencing Could Lead To State Control Of Kids
-‘American Guns’ Shop Owner Charged With Theft After ATF Raid
-Arizona Takes Huge Step To Shut Down Michelle’s School Nutrition Decrees
-Newly Discovered Tape from 1995: Obama admits he was mentored by vicious Communist Frank Marshall Davis
   The Mess
-Grover Norquist Voluntarily Suspends NRA Board Activities Amid Investigation
-Exclusive — Citizens United Boosts Mike Lee’s Conservative Reform Agenda In Utah With New Hefty Ad Campaign
-Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’ » The Spectator
-You Can't Trust Buzzfeed - Breitbart
-Even Hollywood Actresses See How Stupid Great Britain’s Laws Are
-How Publishers (and Readers) Learned to Love Conservative Books
-Union Bosses Use Fast-Food Workers For Personal Gain
-Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Edward-Isaac Dovere - POLITICO.com
-GOP’s plan: Turn Hillary into Mitt Romney in a pantsuit
-The Blueprint for a GOP Landslide Victory in 2016
-Has Rubio learned his lesson on immigration?
-Coulter on Rubio: ‘Can’t Be Serious,’ Running for a VP Slot
-Mika Brzezinski: Hillary Would Eat Putin for Lunch, Rubio ‘a Little Boy’
-Dem Rep: ‘Bill de Blasio Should Have His Head Examined’ For Not Falling In Line Behind Hillary
-Baghdad Hearts Hillary
-Start the Countdown for HillaryCons 
   The Others
10 Things to Know for Today
Ace of Spades HQ Tuesday Morning News Dump 
Tuesday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: Immigration Influx To Exceed Population the Seven Largest Cities in the U.S.

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