Thursday, April 16, 2015

Random Links April 16 15

What the Unearthed 1995 Video Tells Us about Obama
Major Muslim Group Just Made A Bold Move To Gain More Power In The US
GOP Squandered Its Best Opportunity To Hold Hillary Accountable 
Inside the Ring: Pacom: Russia Returns to Cold War Posture
West Losing ‘Information War’ With Russia
Why Obama Hid Information On Illegal Shipments Of Missile Parts To Iran
Iran Growing as a Skilled Cyberthreat
Obama's partners in peace rebuilding Hamas war machine in Gaza
Obama Expected to Bind US to CO2 Reduction at Paris Meeting This Year
 Wasserman Schultz: Having More Female U.N. Peacekeepers 'Is Really Important'
Why is Google in Europe's crosshairs? It's not just trustbusting.
Meanwhile, In Greece — Live Feed | Zero Hedge
Why did China just release five feminist activists? (+video) -
Spot a Common Theme: Prostitution Scandals, Kickbacks And Money Laundering
Special Report Obama’s Liberationist Military
U.S. Cuts Nuclear Warhead Levels
Critics: Christians Fleeing 'Hostile' Military Ranks
ICE Director Tells Congressman: We Follow Obama Rules, Not The Law… 
Obama Admin. Implements Jobs Program for At-Risk Youth, in Central America 
Obama gives 541,000 Social Security numbers to illegals
The Times Goes Know-Nothing on Immigration [Updated] | Power Line
Another Reason To Get Serious About Our Unguarded Border 
Below the Fold -  Executive, Clinton, Think, The Mess, and The Others
IRS Commissioner: Obamacare Contributes to Longer Wait Times for Tax Help
Major Bank Won’t Do Business With a Florida Gun and Pawn Shop. Is Choke Point to Blame? 
-The Dangerous Bigotry Of Gary Trudeau’s Low Expectations(free speech)
-Separating Fact From Fiction In The Frustrating Debate Over U.S. Trade Policy
-Thinking the Unthinkable: Are we Looking at Nuclear Treason?
-Our Kids: Why They Are in Trouble
-Constitutional Opinions An Issue of Supreme Importance for 2016
-Constitution Revolution: The First Article of the Constitution is Mind-Numbingly Simple, Yet Bureaucrats Still Don’t Get It
-Ethnic Constructs Are Pointless In Our Multiracial Society
-Why you have the right to obscurity -
   clint-ton um
Hillary Clinton Big On Social Media, Especially With People Who Don't Exist
Feminist Activist to Hillary: Don't Take Money from Oppressive Regimes  
Clinton Staffers Drove ‘Ordinary Americans’ to Photo Op
Hillary calls for constitutional limits on free speech
   The Mess
University Bans Word 'Freshman' Because It's Sexist and Promotes Rape
Indiana Fallout: Elderly Lady Assaulted Over Gay Marriage
Skeptical Climate Scientist Dismantles Dem. Lawmaker’s Alarmism 
There’s a theory about what drives the US economy that you hear all the time. This financial expert says it’s completely wrong. (Audio)
Chicago: Economic Death Spiral After 84 Years of Democratic Control
Patent Trolls Don’t Contribute to Innovation–They Impose a Private Tax
On This Day 156 Years Ago, Historian Alexis De Tocqueville Died
Democracy Alliance Spending Far Higher Than Reported 
   The Others
Republican Senator Bob Corker Is A Traitor
Thursday morning links - Maggie's Farm
10 Things to Know for Today
Ace of Spades HQ Thursday Morning News Dump

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