Friday, April 10, 2015

Random Links April 10 15

The Party of Coercion Doesn’t Understand It
A Further Perspective Eating Some Jim Crow By David Boze 
Kick Open The Doorway To Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?
Political Hay Bill Buckley Was Right: America in the Grip of the Liberal Mania
Levin: We Are Witnessing ‘Complete Evisceration of American Citizenship’
PATRICK HENRY: I fear the Constitution might lead to an Obama
Americans ‘Can’t Be Fooled’ by Modern Comforts Into Forgetting Freedoms Lost
How Not To Communicate With Millennials Like Hozier 
Big Labor’s Five Misconceptions on Free Trade
Are We Overly Reliant on Data? - Maggie's Farm
   The Mess
-Michael Bloomberg Wants 50% Of Coal Plants Shut Down By 2017
-Free water? - Maggie's Farm
-With Harry Reid Gone, Why Is Nancy Pelosi Hanging On? John Fund 
-Uh, Joe, You’re Supposed To Kiss The Babies, Not Suck On Their Pacifiers
-Here’s Why You Won’t Be Seeing Those Catchy Rob Lowe Commercials 
-In Wake of Ferguson, Obama Calls for ‘Policing That Is Actually Protecting’
-Report: 39,000 Child Migrants, 35,000 Family Units Expected This Year In Second Border Surge
-What Just Happened  During A Super-Heated Argument Over ‘Hate’ And Race
-New York Times Kicks off NRA Convention Coverage with Massive Lie Charles C. W. Cooke
Btf -  Iran, Hillary, Paul, Cruz, China, Cuba and The Mess
-…Iran Calls US-Backed Yemen Bombing ‘Genocide’
-Sen. Cotton Proclaims U.S. Could Defeat Iran In ‘Several Days’
-…Iranian President Denies Previous Nuke Research…
-Iran Sitting on Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs Makes Our World Safer According to the Administration 
-Iran, The Savage and The Borg
-Krauthammer: We Have Surrendered to Iran
-Lee: Senators Growing More Frustrated Every Day With Iran Deal
-The Obama Administration Never Had A Deal with Iran on Key Issues 
-Exclusive–Sen. Ted Cruz: 2nd Amendment ‘a Fundamental Check on Government Tyranny’
-Hillary's Path to 9/11
-Rand Paul's Uncertain Trumpet Rich Lowry 
-Can Rand Paul Change the Way National Politicians Talk About Abortion?
-Hillary Clinton Reversed Position on Trade Deal With Colombia After Huge Donation to Clinton Foundation
-China Building Artificial Islands in South China Sea
-About 500 Soldiers from Famed 82nd Airborne Division To Deploy to Iraqi Region
-Obama phones Raul Castro in advance of summit
-He Might Be Receiving the Purple Heart Today, but a Soldier Injured in Fort Hood Shooting Says He’s Being Denied Benefits and That’s ‘Unheard Of’
  The Other
Friday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: White House admits lying to Congress and America on Iran deal 
Ace of Spades HQ Friday Morning News Dump
10 Things to Know for Today - AP News 4/10/2015 10:05 AM  

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