Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random Links April 21 15

The Mess
105 Years Ago Today, One Of America’s Most Beloved Authors Died
The end of the license plate | WashingtonExaminer.com
Colorado Campus Carry: 12 Years, No Mass Shootings, No Crimes by Permit Holders
Dana’s One-Stop, All-Purpose Wisdom Shop NR Interview 
BREAKING: What This Judge Just Did For The First Time Gives A Nonhuman Constitutional Rights
Trumka: Obama ‘Willfully Ignoring’ Congress on ‘Un-Democratic’ Trade Deal
More Than 50 Groups Joins Forces in Calling for Export-Import Bank’s End
Mark Levin – We Have a Terrorist Recruiting Problem in Minnesota
U.S. Says If China Used Water Cannons on Philippine Boats, Would Be Provocative
Iranian Flotilla a ‘Factor’ in Warship Deployment Off Yemen
Breaking…Obama’s Incredible Orwellian Tale About Iran’s Timeline for the Bomb
News We Missed…Foreign Invasions Have Been Institutionalized In Our “Brain Circuity” for Six Years
Quantitative Easing with a Chinese Face
Sabre-Rattling Soars: Poland Buys US Patriot Air Defense System, Gold Pops
Why Europe Lets People Drown
Negative Attacks On Farage Rebuffed By UKIP
Amnesty International Rejects Campaign to Fight Anti-Semitism
Report: Obama Lied For Years About Iran's Nuclear Breakout Ability
Obama Admin Admits Granting Amnesty to Gang Member Charged with Four Counts of Murder
Here’s the Deal on the Court Fight Over Obama’s Carbon Regulations
Report: IRS In Bed With Left-Wing Atheist Group On Church Monitoring
Sen. Mike Lee explains how this one misinterpreted clause of the Constitution could make Congress’ power unlimited (Video)
Rubio Team: Legislative Amnesty for DACA Recipients Before Border Secured - Breitbart
Senator Ted Cruz: Why Do We Maintain Gun-Free Zones on Military Bases?
Congressional Republicans Go to Bat for Right to Work

Taking Risks, Building the West Lee Habeeb 
Has the Globalization Trend Already Peaked? Michael Barone 
Religious Freedom Is Not Dangerous, But Losing It Is
A Defense Of Ryan T. Anderson, Marriage’s Don Quixote
Trolling Kevin Williamson
Lack of Integrity and the Revolving Door
The Year America Lost Its Global Economic Mojo
A Step By Step Guide How To Crash The Entire Market
De Blasio Quietly Outflanking Hillary
Moral Schizophrenics Victor Davis Hanson 1.2kShares
Why Bill De Blasio Should Run For President
Graham: Rand ‘His Father’s Son,’ ‘Behind Obama’ on Foreign Policy
The Others
Doug Ross @ Journal: Larwyn's Linx: Obama is the master of trading future calamity for temporary gratification
Ace of Spades HQ Tuesday Morning News Dump
Tuesday morning links - Maggie's Farm

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