Thursday, December 11, 2014

Believe as I am told?

There are any number of thing over the past few years that are not believable, but yet there they are. I see them and for a second I think for my head might explode, well that's the way we say it anyway.  I have not learned to just accept even though I know there is a kind of  freedom if I do. That acceptance, though i have tried; vaguely, it scares me to much.

As of  Monday I am to believe I am a racist, misogynist, anarchist and a torture lobbyist. I am also expected to accept the definition of what those are according to the expert that is speaking at that moment. Believe as I am told? Accept?

Just to many of those stories at once. I spent a couple hours in a frustrated daze with a reoccurring image of carpet bombing that never hits the ground. I was likely going to come back here, this just moved up the time frame.

I am a little surprised this blog is still here. You brush the dirt off and find after this long you find that it's rusting or rotted beyond usefulness. Looks salvageable to me. The posts are here, it still loads what more could you want. I give it some paint, move the furniture around a bit and update pieces as i go.

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