Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random Links Feb. 24 15

   Foreign Policy
-How Iran’s Military Chiefs Operate in Iraq
-Obama Wants Neither the American nor Iranian Public Getting in His Way 
-John Kerry Admits Russia Lied About Troops in Ukraine
-Krauthammer: Iran Agreement Makes Ukraine Deal ‘Look Like a Success’
-El-Sisi Calls for Unified Response To Islamic Extremism – While The U.S. and Great Britain Work Against Him…
-‘The Incarnation of Hell…on Planet Earth’: Author Reveals Why Everyone Should Fear the Islamic State and Its ‘Apocalyptic Worldview’
-We ask an expert: Can the U.S. counter China’s long-range designs to dominate us? His response is disturbing.
Report: US Military Power 'Marginal' or 'Weak' in Most Categories
Due To Obama Regulations, Banks Are Now Charging Some To Hold Deposits!
What NSA Director Mike Rogers Doesn't Get About Encryption 
Time to End Too Big to Jail
   The Mess
Giuliani Versus Obama | The American Spectator
The Way a Jewish Student Was Treated Left at Least One Person ‘Sickened’
14 Things You Should Understand About Guns Before Writing About Them
‘Intellectual Suicide’: He’s Waging a Battle Against Political Correctness 
Austerity, A New Weaselword 
  Net Neutrality

Eleventh-hour drama for net neutrality rules | TheHill
How the FCC could use an obscure Internet power to change the pay-TV market 
As Republicans Concede, F.C.C. Is Expected to Enforce Net Neutrality 
Congressman Demands FCC Stop Hiding 332-Page Plan to Control the Internet
Obama’s “Net Regulations” Have The Fingerprints Of Leftist All Over Them
Rush Limbaugh on the Free Internet Seizure this Thursday 
-Not Again! Senate GOP Caves on Amnesty
-Mitch McConnell's Exciting New Plan To Deal With Executive Amnesty/DHS Funding Impasse: Give The Democrats Everything They Want. 
-Conservatives Reject Senate Plan to End Immigration Dispute
 -McCaskill Won’t Say Whether Obama Has the Power to Grant SSNs to Illegal Aliens | CNS News
  The Others
Ace of Spades HQ
Tuesday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: ISIS Threatening To Use The Immigration Weapon To Conquer Europe

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