Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not Using What We Know About China

As much as one might fantasize a population of adults or a dilution of one at least lead by wise realists, it is not in the cards any time soon. It maybe to late as it is.

 5 false assumptions enabling China’s hundred-year plan to overtake America
 "Based on his extensive interactions with Chinese officials, examinations of internal Chinese military documents and other materials and a sober examination of the facts, Pillsbury argues in “The Hundred-Year Marathon” that America has been duped into aiding China’s “peaceful rise,” and we need to wake up and take concrete steps to counter the patient Chinese foe if we are to neutralize their long-term plan to overtake us by 2049."
There is beer in this bar? Washington has no clue what its doing? Oh. Naturally another culture looks at the world differently. The question is always  how much and in what ways.
"In the 1940s, an effort was funded by the U.S. government to understand the Chinese mind-set. This culminated in several studies, including one in which 150 Chinese emigrants in New York’s Chinatown were shown Rorshach inkblot cards…One conclusion that emerged was that the Chinese did not view strategy the same way Americans did. Whereas Americans tended to favor direct action, those of Chinese ethnic origin were found to favor the indirect over the direct, ambiguity and deception over clarity and transparency."
 "The results of the original 1940s study–the idea that an ethno-national group viewed the world differently–proved controversial and politically incorrect, and they were never published. The sole existing copy rests quietly in the Library of Congress. It would not be until 2000 that I learned from Chinese generals that the study’s conclusions were essentially correct."

 The Fallacy of Free Trade at The Z Blog
 "The trouble has always been cultural. Canada can be relied upon to follow the rules. The Canadian government will police itself and respond to requests from our government when something is amiss. China, on the other hand, is a bandit culture and the Chinese government sees America as an adversary. Naturally, they cheat on every deal."
 One adult running something, anything. Let alone use one conclusion to in form others. Western ideals and civilization should be used, should be gaining and should be learning but instead is vaporizing. Any question why the Islamists are where they are.

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