Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Links Feb. 23 15

  Foreign Policy
Historic US-Iran Nuclear Deal Could be Taking Shape
Obama Deal to Let Iran Go Nuclear
What Does Vladimir Putin Know That Most Americans Don’t?
5 false assumptions enabling China’s hundred-year plan to overtake America 
 Time to Tame Prosecutors Gone Wild
 Regulatory capture - Maggie's Farm
 Study: Government's Control of Land Is Hurting Oil Production, Job Growth
 Fourth Time’s a Charm for Alabama Workers Looking to Leave Union
 The Right Honourable Moynihan
 Progressives Peculiar Sense of Patriotism
 Politics Between Is and Ought
 The Fallacy of Free Trade at The Z Blog

-Dems Block DHS Funding — Again — With Just Four Days Left Before a Partial DHS Shutdown | TheBlaze.com
-Dem. Rep: Amnesty Fight Will Decide Who Controls Country for Next 30 Years 
-Levin: US Being 'Conquered' by Mexican Government - Breitbart
-Justice Dept. Reveals Border Logic: ‘Integrity of the Border’ Best Served by Protecting Illegal Immigrants | TheBlaze.com
-‘Shadow Work-Permit System’: Anti-Amnesty Group Reveals More Details
-UK Cannot Deport Nigerian Drug Dealer Due To EU Rules - Breitbart
Wave Of Anti-Semitic Attacks Continues In Europe
The Left's War on White America
  The Mess
-Left Panics over Peer-Reviewed Climate Paper's Threat to Global Warming Alarmism - Breitbart
-General: Vital Airlift Wing at NC Base ‘Should Not Go’
-UN Unveils Plan For American Advertisement Guidelines
 -Top 10 Most Racist Quotes from Progressive Hero Woodrow Wilson
 -10 Of The Most Idiotic Quotes From Liberal Hero Franklin D. Roosevelt
The others
 Monday morning links - Maggie's Farm
 Larwyn's Linx: Illegal Aliens Unhappy with Shortage of Bilingual Doctors

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