Saturday, February 21, 2015

Random Links Feb. 20 15

  President of what
Giuliani Doubles Down: ‘This Is An American President I’ve Never Seen Before’
Rudy Is Right
Obama Loves America. His America.
Ace of Spades HQ
Obama: Islam 'Woven into the Fabric of Our Country Since Founding' - Breitbart
Islamist Enclaves Spread To Texas — Base Camps For IS In The U.S.? 
Senator: Air Force is Unlawfully Dismantling Airlift Wing 
State Says 70-Year-Old Flower Shop Owner Discriminated Against Gay Couple
Tea-party exodus: Site sees activism as ‘pain in the a–’
Russia Boosts Arms, Training for Leftist Latin Militaries | 
Krauthammer: Ukraine ‘Sellout’ Worst Since Munich Agreement
An IAEA Report and Obama’s Zeal for a Deal - Commentary Magazine 
Obama Has Egypt in His Sights Not ISIS
Obama Administration Eases Sanctions on Sudan 

Top 10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be Elected President
10 Reasons Why Jeb Bush Should Never Be Elected President
  Amnesty Funds
As DHS Funding Deadline Looms, Obama Announces Telemundo Townhall 
There Is No Partial Surrender On DHS Funding - Conn Carroll
Barnard College May Ease Language and Science Recs and Add a Diversity One
Look At What Hofstra University Is Exposing History Students to
New educational ideas - Maggie's Farm
  The Mess
Federal Dietary Panel Pushes Junk Food Taxes, Being Green
Government Wants Americans To Eat Plant-Based Diet
Lucy and Ethel Take Foggy Bottom
Justice Pushes Plan To Override Judge’s Ruling Against Amnesty
Don't Let Prosecutors Terrorize Citizens Under Secret Charges
Firms Benefiting From Energy Dept.’s Solar Farm Recipients of Ex-Im Financing
Gone Are The Days Of Common Sense In America
7 Quotes That Prove Adolf Hitler Was A Proud Socialist
The End of "Tough On Crime"? - Kevin Glass
 The Other
Friday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: Is This What Obama Meant By ‘Perverted Islam’?

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