Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Links Feb 19 15

  The Mess
Judge Orders EPA to Stop Work on Pebble Project
Federal Court Blocks Dem’s Attempt to Out Conservative Donors
ATF to Ban Popular Ammunition
Krauthammer: ‘Abolish the Filibuster’ to Defund Exec Amnesty
Kelly Questions Giuliani on Obama Comments
La Raza Pres: Latinos Will Vote for Politicians Who Stood with 'Our Community'
Watch: Obama Radical Islam Speech Parody
   Ignored Foreign Policy
National Review-our-dangerous-historical-moment
The US Must Help Ukraine to Check Putin
How the Ukraine Ceasefire Encouraged More Violence-And Got It 
Experts Correctly Fear Rising Threats from Russia, Iran White House Stays Idle
US Arrests 17 Suspected Members of  Zetas Cartel Cell Operating in Texas
Israel Threatened by Iranian Ground Forces on Northern Border
U.S. Arming “Moderate” Syrian Rebels With Equipment To Call Air Strikes
Levin: You Don’t Love Something You Want to ‘Fundamentally Transform’
How ISIS Spells The End Of ‘Regime Change’
Silly Denials of Islamic Terrorism Bring a Silver Lining - Jonah Goldberg 
We Need To Destroy ISIS, And We Need To Destroy It Now
  Obama's Islam
 -Some Jihadis Are More Equal Than Others – U.S. Intel: ISIS Will Not Team Up With Boko Haram Due To Racism… 
-Obama Misses the Point About Fighting ISIS - Commentary Magazine 
-Obama: ‘Notion That The West Is at War With Islam Is An Ugly Lie’ - Breitbart
-Krauthammer: Obama’s Speech On Muslims Is 'Divorced From Reality'
-America fails at multicultural tolerance - Maggie's Farm
  Internet ect.
Who Cares About Metadata? |
FCC: ‘If You Like Your Wireless Plan, You Should Be Able to Keep It’
Government Shouldn’t Monopolize The Internet
   The others
Thursday morning links - Maggie's Farm
 Larwyn's Linx: Obama Intentionally Overloading Immigration System, Creating Back Door for Jihadists

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