Thursday, February 19, 2015

Random Links Feb. 18 15

The Mess
Student Success Act Does Not Repeal Common Core
Mark Cuban Reveals Possible Move by Feds That Absolutely Terrifies Him
Secretary Ashton Carter Takes Down Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby
BBC Reject UKIP MP from Debate on Europe Because He Isn't a Woman
Washington Post: Disarming Police Might Save Lives - Breitbart                    
Mike Rowe on Qualifications Versus Competency - Maggie's Farm 
Top 10 Most Libertarian Mark Twain Quotes
 Foreign Policy
 President Bullworth Truthbomb Wants to Set You Stupid American Racists Right 
 World War Inches Closer As Germany Intends To Change Defense Posture
 North Korea Flight Tests New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
-Judge Napolitano Just Forecast The Fate Of Obama's Amnesty In Two Words
-Extortion and Threats – Attorney General Eric Holder Demands Ferguson Police Department Stop Holding Minorities Accountable For Laws…
-Creepy, Calculating, And Controlling: All The Ways Big Brother Is Watching You
-New York Post Unveils Brutal Front Page Targeting Obama |

13 Foreign Policy Questions For Hillary Clinton
Coulter: Wall Street 'Wasting' Money on Jeb Bush - Breitbart
Clinton Foundation Enables Foreign Entities to Lobby Hillary
 ISIS Militants May Slip Into The U.S. Via Syrian "Refugees"
 Using Doublespeak To Describe Islamist Terrorism Blinds Us To Reality
 Attack Survivor Said She Won’t Submit to Shariah Law.
 Dem Rep: Obama Summit a ‘Diversion’ from ‘Radical Islamic Ideology’ 
 Beck Says There Is a Crucial Reason the US Shouldn’t Send Ground Troops
 The other
 Wednesday morning links - Maggie's Farm
 Larwyn's Linx: Who Ya Gonna Believe? Us or Your Own Severed Head?

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