Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Random Links Feb. 09 15

 Climate Change Watermelon
The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever 
Flashback: Meteorologist Anthony Watts on ‘adjusted’ U.S. temperature data
The Great Hoax at The Z Blog

Pope Francis sees the “economy of exclusion and inequity” as the “root of all evil”
What the popularity of German brothels teach us about perils of strong U.S. dollar
There Is a Simple Formula for Unleashing Economic Prosperity
Liberty and the Bill of Rights
Foreign policy
Military Mad That Obama Crony Susan Rice Is Telling Generals How To Fight
The disaster of Kosovo should be a warning to all humanitarian interventionists
Do Not Ignore Egypt’s Real Security Needs - Commentary Magazine 
‘Tactical Nuke’ Explodes In Ukraine? Video Footage Shows Giant Explosion

U.S. Embassy Met With Group Trying to Influence Israeli Elections 
Obama’s Latest Alinsky-Style Interference in Israeli Elections 

Strategic Patience
Rice: Climate Change, Gay Rights Part of National Security Strategy 
Obama : If ‘Folks in a Deli’ Shot, We Should ‘Cut Crime Rate’ like a Mayor
Obama Complains About Fox News And Partisan Media 
Articles: Obama's Fanaticism

Illegal Immigrants: DHS Hotline Created To Protect ‘Obama Amnesty Rights’
Sheriffs Criticize Obama's 'Strong-Arm Tactics' On Amnesty

NYPD Commissioner Wants Resisting Arrest To Be A Felony
Seattle Cop Suspended After Criticizing Social Justice Movement 

Taxes Not 'Particularly High,' 'Progressive'; Need to Invest in 'Common Good'
The Obama Budget Targets Your Retirement Accounts
"Dirty Jobs" Star Mike Rowe Destroys the Minimum Wage

The Mess
Eric Holder: Inability to Pass Gun Control My 'Single Failure'
Union Workers Force Shut-Down of Western Ports
The Navy Shows Off Its Futuristic Railgun 
Judge Roy Moore defies feds: ‘Law is very clear’
U.S. Should Join With These 3 Countries to Fight Back Against China
The Argument for Less Infrastructure - Maggie's Farm

The Other
Monday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Monday Morning News Dump-Ace
Larwyn's Linx: DHS sets up Obama amnesty complaint hotlines for illegals

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