Saturday, February 7, 2015

Random Links Feb. 6 15

Christianity is Islam
Bobby Jindal to Obama: "The Medieval Christian Threat Is Under Control."
Krauthammer On Why Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Remarks Left Him Astonished
CAIR Extends Gratitude, Invitation To Obama After His Prayer Breakfast
Mark Levin Slams Obama For Christian, Islam Comparison

Strategic Patience
Obama's National Security Strategy Already Obsolete
Increadable - Ace of Spades HQ
Defense Nominee Says US Set to Build INF Missile

 Nigel Farage Trapped in Ukip’s Rotherham Office for Two Hours
 Marine Le Pen’s Oxford University Speech Delayed by Protesters 

Watermelon -Green on the outside, red in the middle
 UN Admits It’s ‘Fundamentally Changing World’s Economic Model’ 
 Maher: GMO and Vax Skepticism Are OK, But Not Climate Change Skepticism
 UN Climate Chief: We Are Remaking The World Economy

 Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s ‘Berlin Wall’ 
 Why We Shouldn’t Declare War on “Radical Islam"

The Mess
 White House Sneaks Out List Of Muslim Leaders Who Met With Obama
 FCC Commissioner Blasts Obama For Hiding Net Neutrality Plan 
 Victims of ‘workplace violence’ incident at Fort Hood to receive Purple Heart

Bills on Bible Elective Classes in Public Schools Introduced in Two States
4th Grade Assignments: Black Panthers, Police Brutality, Need for Amnesty
The Connection Between High Taxes and Stagnant Wages
How Economic Freedom Reduces Poverty

The Other
History News Network | Roundup Top 10!
Friday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: The Glamor of Evil
Friday Morning News Dump


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