Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Global Warming, Climate Change Watermelons

There is no reason to care about this,  not that there was to begin with.
The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever - Telegraph

Even with the absolutely delusional notion by the current administration that climate change was more important than terror, this still is not important. The reason on that issue is simply that the temperature don't matter. In reality with a data set as large as temperatures for  entire globe for a whole year there is going to be a sizable error rate even with appropriate corrections. For the believers their corrections to the data prove their point and always will.

 The Great Hoax at The Z Blog
   "Science, in the abstract is pure, but we don’t live in the abstract; we live in the real. In the real world science is financed by men and practiced by men. That means all the stupidity, vice and bias that is a part of the human animal will find its way into the lab."
Important points:
- What would be proof that the theory is wrong?
- The prediction: less than ONE degree warmer in a HUNDRED yrs
- Do more poeple died from cold ?

- Do plants like warmth and CO2?
- Is mitigating the damage cheaper than prevention?
- Is economic growth more helpful than prevention that slows it?
So Why is it more important than terror?

This is the red inside of the watermelon. Red for communist, more simply in most cases it's a stand in  for top down control. The same kind of tactics where used to get heath care overhaul.Just make something that sounds good up, call anyone that questions the worst name you can think of and rely on ignorance,of science in the watermelon case. Give us power over all production (CO2), Islam is not important.

 The Great Hoax at The Z Blog
"These guys keep trying to trick the public for a reason and the only plausible reasons are not good. Worse yet, they diminish the people’s trust in science, giving space for lunatics like the anti-vaccine nuts make their claims."

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